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Expanding capabilities with new technology and partnerships

Option X

Edge Underground is on the hunt to expand with the innovative AdaptX drilling platform.

Edge Underground has always been on the cutting-edge of technology in the microtunnelling industry, constantly innovating to increase the capabilities of the AXIS laser guided boring machine and leading the industry on what can be achieved.

The company is now expanding its capabilities further with the new game-changing AdaptX and is demonstrating to other national and international companies what the machine can do.

Option X
Edge Underground is currently the only contractor with access to the AdaptX range.

The game-changing AdaptX

The AdaptX is a modular drilling platform, manufactured in Australia by Bournedrill, and is the result of years of research and development led by Edge Underground managing director and founder, and the pioneer of AXIS, Stuart Harrison.

Edge Underground, AdaptX and Bournedrill are all part of OptionX Group.

Harrison said most drilling machines are only capable of utilising one or two drilling techniques. However, the new AdaptX boasts capabilities that are unmatched across the globe, allowing contractors to use most drilling techniques all in the one machine, including vacuum, pressure air vacuum, slurry, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), displacement pilot, auger boring, bed boring, box culvert jacking and canopy tunnel drilling.

“In the past, contractors would have required different equipment for each specific method, but with the AdaptX they gain unparalleled versatility and efficiency,” Harrison said.

“It gives contractors more options for different methods all in the one machine, allowing them to not only take on more jobs but be flexible on the job site if unexpected circumstances occur to ensure the best method for the job is used.”

The AdaptX is also designed to overcome some of the biggest challenges that have faced the industry, allowing contractors to complete installations that were difficult or impossible in the past.

One example of this is a new drilling tool that increases the rate of successful pipeline installations in very hard rock, while still maintaining accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.

The pneumatic rock hammer uses high pressure air hammers (similar to vertical DTH heads) in sequence, exhausting cuttings through a custom removal system.

The AdpatX comes in two models, the Mini and the Maxi.

The AdaptX Mini features a torque range of 10,000 to 60,000 with a max thrust of 40 tonnes, while the AdaptX Maxi has a torque range 17,500 to 180,000 with a max thrust of 125 tonnes. Furthermore, the torque and speed can easily be adjusted to cater to specific job requirements.

Both models are capable of installing a 350mm pilot to 1.5m.

The AdaptX uses reimagined technology in a number of aspects, including specially designed drill heads to handle the hardest rock.

Proven in the field

The capabilities of the AdaptX have already been proven in the field. It was used on a job site in Victoria to install three 900mm 1030OD stormwater pipes to two separate high-powered gas transmission mains in hard basalt rock around 200MPA, with a 350mm pilot ream to 1060mm.

The clearance between the pipes was 900mm and inspection holes were excavated either side of the transmission mains to ensure clearance between the existing and new installation. A utility provider spotter was on site and vibration monitoring was also in place.

Previously a job like this would’ve taken the contractor several days to complete, however, using the AdaptX Mini at 3000psi max (half of its max torque), a drill rate of 22m in three hours was achieved and it was completed twice as quickly and with ease.

Partnering for a new solution

Edge Underground is currently the only contractor with access to the AdaptX range, an advantage of being part of OptionX Group, of which Harrison is CEO.

Harrison said that the AdaptX is not currently for sale in the traditional sense, rather it will be available through partnership with OptionX Group.

“We know that there are certain segments of the market that the AdaptX is going to be fantastic for, such as on grade drilling and tunnelling in rock and if there’s a contractor out there, and they’ve got great access to that market, we want to talk to you because we want to be your partner with this machine,” Harrison said.

“We’re already in talks with the world’s best contractors about how we can partner on their jobs with this new technology.”

These contractors are constantly making OptionX Group aware that there’s a desperate need for a better solution in the drilling industry, and the company feels like it has got it.

“Ultimately, if you’ve got a great opportunity out there, we want you to talk to us because we want to share the AdaptX with you,” Harrison said. “We feel like there’s an endless number of opportunities out there that we’re looking to explore.”

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