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TDM Pipeline Solutions partners with Smart Lock to eliminate prolonged lead times

Smart Lock

The two companies have again showcased their commitment to stakeholders on major projects across Australia, delivering innovative trenchless solutions in regional New South Wales.

TDM Pipeline Solutions was tasked with providing a solution for a number of out of tolerance joints within new stormwater drains on a major project for a valued client.

New South Wales TDM Pipeline Solutions business development manager Calyn Wilkinson said that to minimise disruption to the wider project, the internal joint repairs needed to be completed efficiently with a limited lead time, so partnering with an adaptable material partner was crucial.

Additionally, it was important to reduce onsite installation times that may further delay practical completion.

“Taking into consideration the curing times commonly experienced with Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) fiberglass patches, onsite installation times could be dramatically reduced by opting for mechanical seals,” he said.

“This was a major benefit as practical completion of the project was fast approaching.”

Smart Lock
Defective joint sealed with Smart Lock.

Wilkinson quickly identified that Smart Lock was TDM Pipeline Solution’s best bet.

“Smart Lock is an Australian supplier with material manufactured locally, so lead time, including delivery to site, was less than a month which was a major advantage given the customised nature of the order,” he said.

“When compared to alternative products manufactured overseas, which often have a lead time of two to three months, the decision to partner with Smart Lock was clear.”

“We have a number of accredited crews routinely completing these types of works across both NSW and Victoria, with all of our crews appreciating the extra support that the local team at Smart Lock often provide.”

Reduced lead times, professional installation and the structural nature of the Smart Lock system meant this was a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Smart Lock
TDM Pipeline Solutions crew setup.

“With the addition of the layer of glass matting along with the silicate resin, replacing an Ethelyne Propylene Diene Monomer seal, adds a structural element that gave the client peace of mind that they had chosen the right partner for the job,” Wilkinson said.

“As an added benefit, the resin also infiltrated minor cracks, fractures, and defects at the joint locations, assisting in the sealing process.”

He added that TDM Pipeline Solutions crews have enjoyed working with the product and have found it to be a simple but very effective trenchless solution that compliments the broad range of relining services they offer.

“With the significant amount of new road projects and subdivisions being constructed in New South Wales and Victoria, Smart Lock seals offer our clients an efficient repair option without the long lead time common across the industry,” Wilkinson said.

This article featured in the August edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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