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WATCH: KOR puts the spotlight on the Schwarze GS6 Tempest Regenerative Sweeper


KOR Equipment has launched the “Get To Know” YouTube series with monthly editions showcasing Cappellotto and Schwarze products, along with other videos broadcasting the company’s networking days held across Australia.

Each month, there will be a Cappellotto and a Schwarze video that highlights the key features of a specific model.

This will enable both current and potential customers to make informed decisions in choosing the right equipment and broadly speaking expands industry knowledge of KOR‘s product offering.

This month, KOR’s YouTube series special guest is the Schwarze GS6 Tempest Regenerative Sweeper.

In this video, trenchless professionals can learn everything there is to know about this heavy-duty, chassis mounted, regenerative air street sweeper with a 6.0 m3 hopper.

The GS6 Tempest has over 25 years of successful operation around the world.

From a hydraulic system designed with just-in-time principles to insure clean, fresh fluid to a blower system that generates a high velocity air column over 17,000 cubic feet per minute, the Tempest is designed to work more and be down for maintenance less.

The GS6 Tempest is a heavy-duty workhorse that will provide a high-quality option with a low cost of ownership.

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