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Local knowledge, Taranaki proud


PipeTech has been New Zealand owned and operated since 2003, working within its home region of Taranaki to improve the underground districts.

Through its work with local districts, PipeTech has provided cost-effective solutions to pipeline repairs and rehabilitation for councils and rate payers.

Born and bred Taranaki, Managing Director Rowan Burgess said the company is proud to be local and supplying resolutions to its local councils.

“From inception, PipeTech has seen an opportunity to provide a smart, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional small bore pipe rehabilitation methods,” he said.

For more than 15 years the company has been relining for New Plymouth District Council and South Taranaki District Council, and Stratford District Council which makes up the Taranaki region.

“We have been the primary relining company for all three councils for this period. And due to our locality, we can reduce costs for all of them through reduced mobilisation costs compared to relining companies coming from Auckland and other major bases to the region,” Burgess said.

“Trenchless relining pipe rehabilitation is significantly lower than excavating and relining options and we can replenish the lifespan of the pipeline for an additional 50-100 years without the timely and more expensive option of excavating and relaying a new pipeline. Let alone the disruption to communities and local businesses.”

A NPDC spokesperson said Pipetech has helped the Taranaki region in many ways in restoring its reticulation network.

“The work done thus far in our region has helped reduce reticulation constraints in storm and wastewater reticulation. The current performance of the product is helping NPDC to quick fixes where the time in renewals is not an option,” the spokesperson said.

When the company initially started work for NPDC it primarily did cured in-place pipe (CIPP) patching installs. However, over time PipeTech has grown its product range available to the market to specialise in uPCV fold and form today.

Burgess said it will cost this option 80 per cent of the underground network in New Zealand that will require repairs since installation of the Asbestos cement and earthenware pipe are 300mm and below.

“Hence, Pipetech targeting this as our primary market. This being said, we have expanded our capabilities recently due to client demand to 375mm, 450mm and even 600mm uPVC relining,” he said.

“We have also grown our additional lateral relining options for clients into 100-225mm CIPP inversion lining. This is primarily lateral lining from private homes to the mainlines we have already lined in the carriageways. Targeting the infiltration issues most councils are having of processing groundwater at the treatment plant instead of 100 per cent wastewater. Ultimately costing councils, and rate payers in this process.”

Building off the company philosophy of being customer focused, seek sustainable solutions, and exceed expectations, PipeTech has also completed numerous relining projects for STDC.

Burgess told Trenchless Australasia that he received word from STDC commending PipeTech for its speed of installation and resolution of underground pipeline issues from infiltration and root ingress into its pipeline assets.

As a result, this has led to reduced pumpstation and overflow issues resulting in decreased public complaints and discharge issues due to the work PipeTech had carried out to date.

Following another installation project for Stratford DC, Burgess has received feedback that PipeTech’s efficiency and being able to come in and take over a job, self-manage and reduce the workload from council’s three water teams has been achieved.

The AM-LINER II & ASOE FFPP uPVC are their exclusive product range where PipeTech is the sole licensee distributor in New Zealand. The uPVC fold & form lining is true trenchless technology. This means: no digging – so less time on the job, and decreased community costs – with fewer interruptions, and fewer hazards.

Off the back of the company’s ongoing success, it has also received the BUILD Construction and Engineering award for leading trenchless pipeline rehabilitation provider in New Zealand for 2023.

This follows the PipeTech installing its first 450mm uPVC pipeliner of 48m in length for NPDC in a failing stormwater drain.

“It is our business to deliver quality to customers. Continuous improvement is our mantra which leads to enhancement of our technology and materials for all our products and services,” Burgess said.

This article featured in the October edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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