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Load, lock, and leave

Working under pressure can be the undoing of some businesses, but for Trenchless Pipeline Services it wasn’t the case thanks to Smart Lock Group. 

In July 2023, Trenchless Pipeline Services got the call urgent works were needed on stormwater drains on a project in Gracemere, Queensland. 

Trenchless Pipeline Services managing director Ben Byrne told Trenchless Australasia that 52 defects were identified following road upgrades on the suburb outside Rockhampton. 

With a short lead time, the new company turned to Australian manufacturer Smart Lock Group for help. 

Smart Lock
Smart Lock sleeves are able to be installed quickly and efficiently.

“The reason we chose Smart Lock was due to the project time constraints, using traditional rehabilitation methods was going to push completion out passed the scope deadline with lengthy curing times, so we needed to source a more efficient option,” Byrne said. 

Being locally manufactured was another big selling point for why Trenchless Pipeline Services chose Smart Lock. 

National sales manager at Smart Lock Group Mick Polwarth said the company can support its installers, stakeholders, and projects due to having a quick turnaround. 

“When ordering a Smart Lock kits users won’t face production or shipping delays as all products are designed and manufactured in Melbourne,” he said.

“With local production control at our fingertips there is no fear of long lead times from overseas manufacturing.” 

The challenges for Trenchless Pipeline Services didn’t stop at the timeframe for installation but extended through to the number of installations needed and navigating a new product. 

However, Byrne said Smart Lock alleviated this challenge by providing training and sending the first 10 Smart Locks to site immediately.

Smart Lock
52 defects were fixed using Smart Lock products.

With installation only to be completed by trained and accredited businesses and individuals, Smart Lock ensured it trained the contractors in the technical and practical aspects of the installation of a Smart Lock. 

“When we installed the first 10 Smart Locks, we had six engineers and road officials from the project watching over us. The next day they said we need another 44, how quickly can you get them? The Smart Locks were ordered and dispatched the same day and we had them all installed within three days,” he said. 

Michael Nickolaus, Smart Lock national technical manager, said the sleeves are also able to be installed quicker compared to alternative products in the market. 

“Typical curing time for just the fibreglass patch is anywhere from one to three hours. Whereas the Smart Lock can be installed in under 30 minutes,” he said. 

The Smart Lock installation is broken down into three steps – load, lock and leave. 

Smart Lock
Trenchless Pipeline Services recently implemented Smart Lock products on a Queensland project.

“As a result, the residual cost savings for the project and the stakeholders was reduced as it took only three-night shifts instead of maybe 12,” Nickolaus said.

“By the end we had reduced the installation time down to 10 minutes,” Byrne added.  “We installed 21 units in one night, which among the challenges of night shift, is incredible.” 

Following the success of this project, the two companies have agreed their relationship has opened more opportunities going forward. 

“There’s never a one method that fits all in pipe rehabilitation, but these Smart Locks certainly fit this scenario,” Byrne said.

“For us, it opens up further opportunity to expand our reach as we hadn’t really supplied into Rockhampton before, and now have an established relationship for the future,” Polwarth said.

This article featured in the October edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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