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A versatile tool for pipeline maintenance


Sewer Equipment Company (AUST) – better known as SECA – is now supplying Sewer Robotics, a multi-functional crawler for underground pipe inspection and rehabilitation. 

Trenchless Australasia sat down and spoke with Sewer Robotics sales and export manager Bart van der Zalm at No-Dig Down Under 2023 about the system and its different modules. 

Manufactured by Sewer Robotics in the Netherlands, the one system is classified as highly effective and cost-effective. 

It can remove root intrusions, cut protruding traps, and reinstate lateral connections, install spot repair systems and remove heavy grease. 

“There’s a one-stop-shop element, which is really beneficial,” van der Zalm said. 

“The precision jet cutting with the ultra-high pressure water jet can be used to remove nearly any obstacle like settled deposits, cement, concrete and grout.” 

Utilities management service, Pipe Management Australia, recently purchased its first unit of the Sewer Robotics crawler to service difficult jobs. 

“We bought the unit to tackle some of the harder concrete deposits so, it gives us a competitive edge,” Pipe Management Australia co-founder and chief innovations officer Luke Moore said. 

“For us, we would use it for major root removals, hardened concrete deposits and with the additional attachment of the grinding head, it can cut back intrusions as well.” 

Due to the multifunctional nature of the crawler and its various job-specific modules, it can be used across multiple applications.  

The R125 crawler has a maximised clearance inside 150mm pipelines and features a twist and lock mechanism to exchange the modules. 

It can also easily transform from powerful cutter to a water jet cutter by swapping out the modules in less than one minute. 

The Sewer Robotics multi-functional crawler.

Lateral reinstatement cutting

One module example is the HA125 – a lateral reinstatement cutter that can be used inside 500mm pipelines and 150mm relined pipelines. 

The 90-degree cutter and 205mm ram lift are key for durability and precision without the need for hydraulics inside the crawler. 

It is also easy to service and features a powerful cutter motor, great camera visibility and user-friendly controls. 

Water jet cutting

The WJ125 water jet cutter is just one example of Sewer Robotics’ 17 years’ experience of UHP water jet cutting. 

This module applies a continuous high-pressure blast from the crawler for a controlled removal of deposits settled from within 150mm to 1000mm pipes and their connections. 

With up to 3000BAR, the precision water jet cutting can remove fog, debris, roots, cement, scale, tuberculation, grout, calcium and concrete. 

CCTV inspection

The CAM125 module connects the CAMTRONICS ZRK70 HD Pan & Tilt inspection camera with the Sewer Robotics R125 crawler for high-definition inspections. 

It features a pressure adjustable air coupling, which is operated from the control unit. 


The gripper accessory is designed to grab and remove solid debris and other objects from pipelines. 

It is compatible with all water driven lateral reinstatement and water jet cutting modules and has three replaceable “fingers”, which are controlled by adjusting the pressure of the high-pressure power pack.

Pipe Management Australia co-founder and chief innovations officer Luke Moore.

A reliable service 

SECA offers a range of CCTV inspection kits and has the industry expertise to make sure its customers can choose the right camera for the job, based on their specific needs.

“SECA provides a good service to us,” Moore said. 

“They specialise in the equipment they bring and that’s what they are very good at.” 

For Sewer Robotics, it was a clear choice to distribute through SECA. 

“SECA has a very good market presence, a good reputation and the infrastructure and knowledge to support a product like this,” van der Zalm said 

“Because we’re from the Netherlands, it’s a long distance away, so we need the perfect service here. 

“When these robots are on the job and something goes wrong, they are there to support our customers.” 

CCTV inspection kits are an essential tool for asset owners and contractors, as it allows operators to locate leaks, blockages, and catastrophic pipe failures in sewer networks before they occur.

With an impressive range of equipment for the condition assessment of sewer networks, SECA is uniquely able empower every operator to meet the unique needs of every job.

This article featured in the October edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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