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CEA Subsite Calibration Centre opens its doors in Brisbane


Wanting to decrease downtime for the Australian and New Zealand Subsite customer base, CEA has invested in a local repair and calibration centre, located in Brisbane at CEA’s Darra branch.

According to CEA national service, technical and warranty manager David Greene, this new facility is a game changer for the Subsite customer base in Australasia.

“CEA is excited to invest in a local repair centre to not only offer timely responses but provide better service to the extensive customer base throughout Australia,” he said.

“The Subsite Calibration Centre is a specialised facility that provides services for the calibration of instruments and equipment used to install, rehabilitate, and maintain underground pipe and cable.

“By calibrating the equipment customers are assured their devices are providing accurate data, which is critical to the safety and performance of the equipment in the industry.”

The facility opened in January 2023.

CEA Subsite Calibration Centre ensures instruments and equipment used in the field are accurate and reliable.

“We’ve had really positive feedback for customers who’ve enjoyed the opportunity to talk to local people about their equipment,” Greene  said.

The Subsite Calibration Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technologies to calibrate a range of instruments and equipment. 

The centre’s main focus is to ensure that the instruments and equipment used in the field are accurate and reliable. 

The centre features a purpose-built radio frequency interference (RFI) shielded room, fitted with a Helmholtz calibration coil that produces a precisely controlled and variable magnetic field.  

To test the utilities locator, it is placed inside the magnetic field during calibration. 

The Subsite software runs a series of calibration and test routines to ensure that the locator provides reliable, accurate results in the field.

The extensive range of Subsite products provide underground construction professionals with the most comprehensive suite of electronic products in the industry, including utility locators, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) guidance equipment, equipment machine controls, and closed-circuit television remote inspection and monitoring cameras and accessories.

Until recently, Subsite customers relied on service support from overseas when it came to the calibrating and repair of their equipment.

According to Greene, this process was too time-consuming for the local customer base.

“We would have to send equipment back to America for any repairs required and this meant lengthy delays for customers due to shipping times, availability of technicians and access to the purpose-built facilities for the calibration process,” he said.

“Repair time turn around has been greatly improved since  the local repair centre was opened. CEA has also invested in our parts holding for the Subsite product, ensuring we have the ability to quickly repair and support local requirements.” 

The centre features a purpose-built radio frequency interference shielded room.

CEA recently sent an Applications Engineer to America to undergo intensive training. 

This now ensures CEA has the facilities and staff within Australia that are qualified to maintain and repair the equipment.


  • Utiliguard and 830R/T Utility Locators, transmitters, and accessories.
  • HDD and Locating beacons.
  • Marksman+ trackers.
  • TK Recon trackers.
  • TK Recon displays.
  • Commander 7 displays.

In addition to calibration services, the centre is also equipped to repair and maintain instruments and equipment and provide wider technical support. 

These additional services help ensure that the instruments and equipment remain in good working condition and continue to perform accurately over time.

By having equipment serviced at the CEA Subsite Calibration Centre, customers can be confident their gear is being looked after by highly trained staff in a purpose-built facility designed specifically for the support and maintenance of their equipment.

This article featured in the October edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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