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Bournedrill expands Queensland manufacturing capabilities


Following its integration into the OptionX Group in 2022, Bournedrill’s Queensland manufacturing facility has undergone a significant transformation, expanding its capabilities and solidifying its position as a key player in the industry.

One of the most noteworthy developments has been Bournedrill‘s expansion beyond its traditional vertical drilling niche into the highly specialised domains of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and microtunnelling.

This shift has not only broadened the scope of Bournedrill’s expertise but has positioned it as a serious contender in these intricate and demanding spaces.

Crucial to this diversification has been Bournedrill’s role as the primary supplier and manufacturer for Edge Underground, another entity within the OptionX Group.

Under the watchful eye of OptionX Group’s CEO, Stuart Harrison, the Bournedrill team took the lead in modifying Edge Underground’s existing rigs, demonstrating their skill and adaptability in tackling new challenges.

A standout feature that Bournedrill brings to the table is its finely honed threading capabilities, developed over years of leadership in the vertical drilling sector.

These capabilities have found renewed significance in the horizontal market, with Bournedrill supplying the industry with top-quality, customisable products tailored to specific needs.

According to Chris Fehlhaber, operations manager at Bournedrill, joining OptionX Group has allowed the company to offer expertise in new markets.

“There are a lot of similarities between vertical and horizontal drilling, and we have supplied the horizontal drilling market in the past, but not to the extent we do now,” Fehlhaber said.

“As a workshop, we’re committed to continuing to learn and grow, and this has shown in the diversification of our output.”

Staff from across the OptionX Group came together at No-Dig Down Under. L-R: Eddie Daws, PerforatorX global sales manager, Chris Fehlhaber, Bournedrill operations manager and Jürgen Hüsam, MTS sales director.

Growing outside the workshop

A great example of Bournedrill’s commitment to expanding the knowledge base of all team members was at the recent No-Dig Down Under show in Brisbane.

The workshop was paused for an afternoon to allow all employees to attend the exhibition, providing them with the opportunity to see the finished product of their work and draw parallels and distinctions between the vertical and trenchless industries.

“Attending a show with the entire team is not something we’ve done before, but under OptionX Group we’re really striving for growth and expansion, so letting the guys see more of the industry we serve was very beneficial,” Fehlhaber said.

“It was also nice for them to see how well the AdaptX was received by others at the exhibition, as building that machine had pushed the team to new heights of engineering and manufacturing.”

Stuart Harrison, CEO of OptionX Group (second from left), with staff from Bournedrill at No-Dig Down Under.

A force in vertical and horizontal

The collaboration with Edge Underground goes beyond the manufacturing realm. Bournedrill actively supports Edge Underground in servicing, consumables, and manufacturing expertise for a diverse range of trenchless projects.

This synergy not only highlights the seamless integration within the OptionX Group but also showcases the holistic approach Bournedrill takes in supporting its partners throughout the project lifecycle.

Bournedrill’s manufacturing strengths are multifold, ranging from pulling heads to centralisers, fly cutters, and barrel reamers. As a one-stop-shop for all drilling needs, Bournedrill has positioned itself as a versatile and comprehensive solution provider in the drilling landscape.

Bournedrill’s evolution within the OptionX Group is not merely a story of growth; it’s a narrative of commitment to excellence, diversification, and industry leadership.

The Queensland manufacturing facility’s expanded capabilities mark a promising chapter in the collaborative success story of OptionX Group companies.

Bournedrill is not just adapting to change; it’s driving innovation and emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving drilling and trenchless sectors.

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