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A smart choice in rehabilitation

Smart Lock

When the Streamline Environmental & Drainage team had to repair 16 cracks in stormwater lines for a project in Waikato, New Zealand, it had to find a solution built for the challenge. 

The project required Streamline Environmental & Drainage to repair 16 cracks in 300mm to 375mm stormwater lines in Hamilton, Waikato. 

Streamline Environmental & Drainage Director Jonathan Bennett said initially, the company had tried to source a solution elsewhere, but attempts were unsuccessful.

“We considered the best way to complete the project for the customer, in terms of time frames but most importantly, quality,” Bennett said. 

“Initially, we wanted to go with a system some of us had experience in but had no stock at our work yard.

“After having to call twice over three days to get a call back, we started looking at other alternatives and found Smart Lock.” 

Smart Lock
Streamline Environmental & Drainage are a high-quality service provider to the sewer industry, specialising in hydro excavation, drain CCTV, drain unblocking and liquid waste removal. Image: Smart Lock Group

Known for its permanent point repairs, the Smart Lock can be used for an array of use cases such as cracked or broken pipes, root infiltration, and abandoned junctions. 

Smart Lock Group National Sales Manager Mick Polwarth said the product is built for efficiency with its short installation times. 

Smart Lock
Streamline Environmental & Drainage was contracted to repair cracks on a project in Hamilton, New Zealand. Image: Smart Lock Group.
Smart Lock
16 cracks in storm lines were repaired using Smart Lock products. Image: Smart Lock Group.

“Traditional rehabilitation methods can be time consuming, which can push projects past deadlines,” he said. 

“The Smart Lock can be installed in under 30 minutes, giving customers a sense of security in knowing they can complete their projects on time and under budget.” 

All Smart Lock products are designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria.   

For the Streamline Environmental & Drainage team, the choice was clear.  

“The system seemed ideal,” Bennett said. 

“It has a high-quality finish without high work times or complexity.

“We also liked that the locks were on the outside of the sleeve, and that the sleeves had bevels on each end.” 

Smart Lock
Side by side patching comparisons. Image: Smart Lock Group.
Smart Lock
Side by side patching comparisons. Image: Smart Lock Group.

The company used a traditional method to patch the 375mm stormwater lines before using the Smart Lock system for the 300mm pipes, which proved to be well received from installers. 

“The staff found the Smart Lock system easier because it was a lot faster, had no cure time and was cleaner to use,” Bennett said. 

“To give an idea of the speed of the Smart Lock system, we installed 12 Smart Lock 300mm sleeves and four 375mm fiberglass patches in two-and-a-half days, which is an incredible result.” 

Paired with Smart Lock Group’s quick turnarounds on orders and efficient service, it was a win-win situation for all stakeholders. 

“The pricing was better than the similar system we were considering as well,” Bennett said. 

“Stock was ordered and arrived in four days. 

“The service and care we got from Smart Lock Group was really good, especially with follow up phone calls and training films.

“With a focus on continuous improvement in terms of productivity, the Smart Lock system is an easy win.”

For more information, visit Smart Lock Group’s website.

This article featured in the December edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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