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One system, multiple applications

IBAK Australia

Online Pipe & Cable Locating has expanded its range of services to include cutting jobs using its established MainLite inspection system, which can also be used to operate the MicroGator Air.

A leader in underground services since 1992, Online Pipe & Cable Locating has been an IBAK user for many years and works in the CCTV sector with the compact MainLite camera tractor system.

It uses the system to handle all main sewer jobs, from simple video recording to comprehensive data transfer with all measurements.

While the company specialises in sewer inspections, Online Pipe & Cable Locating wanted to expand its field of activity to include rehabilitation jobs. 

In one job, concrete had to be removed from a DN 500 stormwater pipe over a length of around 20m. Online Pipe Crew Leader of CCTV/Robotics Dave Blackmore contacted IBAK to check whether the MicroGator Air cutter could be integrated into the existing system, which was first purchased three years ago. 

As the MainLite concept is designed as a modular system with interchangeable components, this made it easy to add additional functions. 

For IBAK, it was a perfect opportunity to introduce the MicroGator Air cutter in Australia. 

Online Pipe & Cable Locating Managing Director Barry Maloney praised the performance of the MiroGator Air cutting robot as soon as after the first use. 

IBAK Australia
The IBAK demo vehicle is equipped with both CCTV equipment and the MicroGator Air cutting system and can be requested for demonstrations at any time. Image: IBAK.

“As we already had experience with other cutting systems, we actually only wanted to test the IBAK cutter for this job,” Maloney said. 

“However, the results were so convincing that we decided to keep the device straight away. 

“The investment in the MicroGator Air has significantly improved our productivity in terms of the possibilities for cutting work.”

Now, the company benefits from the range offered by this system, as the MainLite system is compatible with the MicroGator Air cutting robot, allowing for both inspection and high-performance cutting. 

Since 2014, IBAK Australia has supplied customers with inspection and robotic systems, both available as portable systems and as component-based systems for installation in vehicles. 

The company also provides professional maintenance and repair services in Silverwater, New South Wales, which is key to its proper customer support.

IBAK Australia
Online Pipe & Cable Locating successfully performed the rehabilitation job with the MicroGator Air, operated on its existing MainLite inspection system. Image: IBAK.

In early 2023, IBAK Australia entered a partnership with USB Australia, resulting in Shannon Moroney being appointed as a contact person for customers. 

IBAK International Sales Specialist for Robotic Systems Frank Claaßen said Moroney now supports distribution of the high-quality systems with a strong focus on the end client’s needs. 

“By having Shannon on board, IBAK Australia is happy to promote the sales in Australia with more in-field demonstrations with our demo vehicle which supports our CCTV equipment as well as our MicroGator Air cutting system,” Claaßen said. 

For any questions regarding IBAK systems or a request for a demonstration, feel free to contact Shannon Moroney at s.moroney@ibak-

For more information, visit IBAK’s website.

This article featured in the December edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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