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Pipe Core entering 2024 with a full range of UV solutions

Pipe Core UV

Pipe Core is set to take on 2024 with a complete end-to-end offering of UV rehabilitation solutions.

With a growing portfolio featuring world-leading suppliers like SAERTEX multiCom® GmbH, Cosmic Engineering, Trelleborg, Vertiliner and Raush Rehab, Pipe Core continues to offer a unique and diverse range that gives customers access to first-class UV CIPP materials and curing equipment as well as access to project support, training, accreditation, equipment servicing and more.

As Pipe Core embarks on a new era with Jason Marshall as chief executive officer, Pipe Core will continue supporting customers, working hand-in-hand to provide solutions to rehabilitate pipes and shafts from DN 50 – DN 2000.

 Pipe Core UV
There are a diverse range of UV solutions available through Pipe Core. Image: Pipe Core.

“Our approach is to provide convenience and efficiency to our customers,” Marshall said.

“We have recognised for example, that our customers who need material to reline a vertical shaft, will also need the curing equipment and training to ensure they get the best possible outcome on their project.

“This broad service offering moves beyond being just a solution provider and leads to strong working relationships and high-quality results.”

The RRCure 100SE, a self-sufficient UV light curing system from Rausch Rehab, is also available. Image: Pipe Core.

Included in Pipe Core’s diverse supply offerings are solutions for domestic relining projects using UV liners and resins in conjunction with smaller UV/LED curing equipment such as the Starlight, PowerLight and Violight systems from Trelleborg.

Customers can also tackle junctions and patches with Cosmic Engineering’s leading UV-cured material and equipment technology from Austria.

Out of Germany, SAERTEX multiCom® GmbH offers a visionary portfolio of fiberglass-reinforced liners for wastewater and supply lines which can be cured with these UV Systems, along with some of the latest equipment offerings such as the RRCure 100SE, a self-sufficient UV light curing system from Rausch Rehab.

Some of the solutions include the Cosmic System, and the Starlight and Violight Systems from Trelleborg. Image: Pipe Core

Along with the Hybrid Light Sources, Rausch Rehab’s impressive system is also one of the options to cure Vertiliner®, an innovative structural relining solution for the trenchless rehabilitation of deteriorating wastewater maintenance holes and vertical shafts.

“We are excited to be able to support customers to tackle challenging projects with our comprehensive end-to-end solutions and service offering,” Marshall said.

For advice and product recommendations for your upcoming UV projects, contact Pipe Core today.

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