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Rob Carr celebrates safety excellence

Rob Carr

The Rob Carr Monthly Safety Awards celebrated the company’s representation of its commitment to workplace safety.

There were 392 submissions on the Rob Carr’s platform last year, with 73 individual contributions for best practice alone.

The company’s workforce continued to address potential unsafe situations, which built upon the positive reporting culture embedded within the company.

There were also a further 111 improvement suggestions, showcasing the workforce’s efforts in shaping a safer work environment.

The awards honoured outstanding workers for their proactive approach and dedication to safety with 26 award winners across various categories throughout the year.

The company celebrated this achievement with a statement on LinkedIn.

“But beyond the numbers, the core of our approach is developing a strong culture of transparency and reporting,” the company said.

“Our vigilance in this regard is the strongest defence against real safety incidents.

“At Rob Carr, safety is not just a goal, it’s an individual and shared responsibility. Together, we create an environment where every voice matters, every insight contributes, and every action makes a difference.”

For more information, visit Rob Carr’s website.

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