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Minimise disruptions with the SRP-EXP


When it comes to reducing impact on infrastructure projects, Aussie Trenchless has clients covered with the SRP-EXP Spiral Lining System. 

Since 2014, Aussie Trenchless has been passionate about progressing infrastructure opportunities and accomplishing superior outcomes. 

Through the innovation of director Chris Meredith, the company is committed to pioneering solutions within the trenchless industry. 

As part of that innovation, Aussie Trenchless has supplied a wide range of unique products in Australia and internationally. 

One example is the SRP-EXP, a proven solution for the rehabilitation of deteriorated sewer and stormwater mains. 

SRP maintenance hole installation. Image: Aussie Trenchless

The SRP-EXP Spiral Lining System is a PVC structural spiral ribbed trenchless solution that is designed to rehabilitate pipelines from DN150 to DN1200 using six different-sized profiles. 

When it comes to operation and installation, the SRP-EXP is a breeze for contractors. 

“The machine is first positioned into an access chamber before it helically winds the SRP-EXP ribbed strip to produce a pipe within the existing pipeline,” Meredith said. 

“It is installed at a smaller diameter and then expanded to be a close fit against the internal surface of the existing pipe.”

During the wind-in process, the wind-in locks the spiral wound pipe tight at the initial smaller diameter, according to Meredith. 

“When the far end of the installation length is reached, the SRP-EXP Liner end is then restrained, with the lock area sequentially released,” he said. 

“This is so the new pipe expands in a controlled manner until it is pressed hard against the inside wall of the existing pipe.”

As wastewater and sewer pipeline networks age, they continue to breakdown. Aussie Trenchless believes traditional open cut methods are far too disruptive to communities. 

The SRP-EXP address this challenge and minimises disruptions, a key benefit of no-dig solutions.  

“The SRP EXP Spiral Lining System can be installed under flow conditions,” Meredith said. 

“With no by-pass pumping needed, it is quick and efficient using a third-generation high quality profile to ensure ease of installation, providing a clean outcome for the network owners,” he said. 

SRP E20 D1200 Line. Image: Aussie Trenchless

But while the solution benefits communities, how is it different from other solutions?  According to Meredith, there are multiple benefits for the client and installer. 

He said as spiral wound linings have high strength-to-weight ratio, the SRP-EXP System can handle a variety of pipe diameters. 

“No chemical or steam heating is utilised during the installation process as it is entirely mechanical. It also has a relatively small site footprint,” he said.

“The SRP-EXP system has little product material wastage, which can be recycled with ease, and is capable of negotiating displacement and slight bends with minimal site disruption.”

Meredith said the system is also designed to stand for at least 50 years.

As a result, this greatly benefits water authorities, making it a durable solution for tight fitting lining projects for customers.

Aussie Trenchless provides the SRP-EXP system along with other spiral lining and pipe segment technology to all trenchless rehabilitation contractors.

This article featured in the February edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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