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Primed for productivity

Ditch Witch

When it comes to vacuum excavation, the Ditch Witch AX30-300 provides optimal productivity for contractors. 

For many infrastructure projects, vacuum excavation is proving to be an ideal solution over traditional excavation methods. 

The method is regarded as safer and more environmentally sound as allows for less disruption.

 It is also considered quicker and cheaper than traditional methods. 

Ditch Witch
The machine is a powerhouse, developed exclusively for the Australian market. Image: Ditch Witch CEA

When it comes to the right equipment for vacuum excavation, Ditch Witch CEA is a powerhouse with its AX30-300, developed exclusively for the Australian market by the team at Ditch Witch. Providing new efficiencies for the trailer vac market to make operators more productive and profitable than ever before.

The Ditch Witch AX30-300 is equipped with a 32.5 horsepower Kubota diesel engine, delivering maximum power and performance. 

Ditch Witch
The machine is equipped with a 32.5 horsepower Kubota diesel engine. Image: Ditch Witch CEA

With a vacuum tank capacity of 1135 litres (or 300 gallons), the Ditch Witch AX30-300 is crafted to meet the needs of vacuum excavation, with the largest spoils tank available on a 4.49T GVM trailer in the Australian market. 

Some other benefits the AX30-300 offers includes, a cam-over auto locking hydraulic rear door, a hydraulic motor system for tank lift & tilt functions, kerb side controls, hose reel & tooling that can always be left connected and reverse flow control. 

When it comes to maintenance, the Ditch Witch AX30-300 exceeds standards for contractors. All maintenance points are accessibility with a lift-off power pack door design, making it very easy to perform routine maintenance. 

Ditch Witch
A major benefit of the machine is the vacuum tank capacity of 1135 litres. Image: Ditch Witch CEA

The machine also has a high-capacity cyclonic filtration system, minimising filter cleaning frequency and increase productivity. 

Through saving time, labour and costs for contractors, as well as reducing surface disruption and reducing the risk of damaging utilities, vacuum excavation is a growing method for excavation jobs. 

The Ditch Witch AX30-300 is a testament to innovation and reliability with its high-performance engine and advanced vacuum excavation technology. 

Ditch Witch
The Ditch Witch AX30-300 is a testament to innovation with its advanced vacuum excavation technology. Image: Ditch Witch CEA

Paired with its operator-friendly design, the machine proves itself as a true partner for the construction industry. 

As the use of vacuum excavation continues to rise across infrastructure projects, the Ditch Witch AX30-300 remains a top choice for contractors.

For more information, visit CEA’s website.

This article featured in the February edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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