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Putting the ‘power’ in powerhouse


Meticulously engineered in-line with its core values, Vacvator has released the TMC90-500BPJ, the latest vacuum truck in its range. 

As the largest unit in its range to date, the TMC90-500BPJ is a powerhouse solution designed to deliver robust performance, reliability, profitability for the customer and unmatched versatility.

It addresses the productivity needs long sought after by the industrial, mining and civil sectors. Mine spec ready, this unit will confidently hydro excavate, high-pressure jetting or dry excavate utilising high-pressure air and Vacvator’s proven reverse pulse filter cleaning technology.

In the world of industrial vacuum trucks, the Vacvator TMC90-500BPJ will challenge the competition as a formidable powerhouse, loaded with state-of-the-art features. 

The truck is capable of non-destructive digging (NDD), high-pressure jetting and dry vacuum excavation, and is able to handle large volumes of fine dry material with unparalleled performance. 

This unit is designed to tackle a wide range of vacuum excavation tasks without any restrictions.

In Vacvator’s search for performance, the company collaborated closely with Volvo Australia to select a cab chassis that delivers both horsepower and agility. The FMX10x4, equipped with a liftable steerable tag axle, offers an impressive 540HP, meeting Vacvator’s exacting standards.

The TMC90-500BPJ is capable of non-destructive digging, high-pressure jetting and dry vacuum excavation. Image: Vacvator

Powerful vacuum excavation capability

At the heart of the TMC90-500BPJ lies the Jurop Helix 1500 blower, boasting an impressive suction capacity of 8495m3/h (5000cfm) and up to -28Hg of vacuum at a mere 82dBa. 

Paired with dual Dynaset Pumps, which generate an impressive 250Bar at a water flow of 30lpm, this combination ensures consistent performance and efficiency in every hydro excavation task. 

Operators can handle tasks with precision and speed, tackling even the most challenging of projects. To support this, the unit boasts a 9000L spoil tank and a 5000L water tank. 

Unrivalled high-pressure jetting performance

The TMC90-500BPJ sets a new standard for high-pressure jetting where performance, ease of use and reliability were the key criteria for the system design. 

This system pumps out an impressive 344lpm at 169Bar and is complemented by a jetting reel, housing 180m of 1 1/4 jetting hose. With these features, operators can tackle large diameter jetting projects with ease. 

Vacvator’s Autec belly pack remote enables the operator to safely operate and control the jetting process via a digital display which provides pressure, flow and location at the jetting head. 

Dry vacuum excavation

The TMC90-500BPJ stands out with its ability to dry excavate. 

At the push of a button, the unit is capable of switching from traditional NDD using high-pressure water, to high pressure air excavation. This easy, fast, cost-saving alternative, uses air to dislodge friable soil matter to then be collected into the tank as dry material.

The compressed air is delivered by a screw compressor delivering a solid 300cfm through a high-pressure air lance, regulated to deliver 225cfm for swift and efficient excavation. 

Vacvator’s innovative reverse pulse filtration system with automated filter cleaning ensures the bank of dual 15 element filter houses stay clean. 

Additionally, the unit offers an automated independent cyclone and filtration purge to tank system, that takes the excess filtered material, and delivers it back to the spoil tank, ensures efficient operation and waste removal. 

An intelligent operating system

To ensure the highest of standard, the TMC90-500BPJ continues to incorporate Vacvator’s integrated CAN Bus system which is a standard feature on all Vacvator units. 

The system not only makes Vacvator a market leader in operator integration with intuitive control systems, but also incorporates safety features to protect the unit and more importantly, ensures the truck is safe to operate on and off the road. Vacvator’s primary goal is to ensure its units are both safe for the operator and profitable for the owner. 

The first thing the operator experiences is the seamless start-up procedure from the control panel simplifying the process for the operator. 

The unit addresses productivity needs of the industrial, mining and civil sectors. Image: Vacvator

The system has been programmed to always manage all functions on the unit, giving the operator the complete control of the unit.

The on-board scales are linked to the CAN Bus system on the unit, which is a standard safety feature Vacvator has built in and will stop vacuum pump once the truck is at its legal road weight limit. 

This protects the operator from being fined for overweight, protects the unit owner from potential liability and limits any chance of road accidents from being overloaded. 

Other functions also include limiting water pressure to the required safe operating pressures set by utility owners. 

The CAN Bus system also maintains Vacvator’s ongoing commitment to customer support, allowing its technicians access to the system to be able to provide remote support to the customer. 

It can also be used by the operator and the unit owner to visualise productivity, maintenance and safety data. 

Why choose the TMC90-500BPJ?

The Vacvator TMC90-500BPJ exemplifies Vacvator’s commitment to delivering top-quality solutions in vacuum excavation. 

This unit is the product of years of collaborative work listening to its customers, providing solutions for the complex nature of the projects encountered by the industrial, mining and civil industries.

For more information, visit Vacvator’s website.

This article featured in the April edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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