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Elevating HDD operations


TRACTO Australia has announced the successful delivery of a GRUNDODRILL 15XPT to prominent drilling contractor Nurich, marking a milestone for both companies. 

Based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Nurich is a privately-owned business that has worked across the civil construction and telecommunications sector. 

With a combined 70 years of experience within horizontal directional drilling (HDD), the company looked to advance its capabilities by leveraging cutting-edge technology with the GRUNDODRILL 15XPT. 

“Over the space of three years, we’ve grown from one drill now to five, with this one being the fifth drill we’ve bought, but our first TRACTO machine,” Nurich managing director Richie Nugent said. 

“We’re winning a lot of work within this space, and we believe this machine will help us elevate these operations.”  

Nugent expressed confidence in the capabilities of the rig and its potential to enhance Nurich’s drilling operations significantly. 

 “TRACTO has a great reputation with its drills,” Nugent said. 

“The company has always been reliable with their communication and support.

“That’s something that was missing for us previously so, we’re very happy to have that support from TRACTO.” 

With a focus on maintaining loyal relationships with its suppliers and subcontractors, Nurich recognises the importance of collaboration within the civil industry. 

“We believe that achieving market leadership guarantees our clients the highest quality, performance and service,” Nugent said. 

“We bought this drill to keep up with our current workload and to build upon our reliability. 

“It’s definitely going to keep our clients extremely happy.” 

The tailored GRUNDODRILL 15XPT for Nurich. Image: TRACTO Australia

An ‘all-rounder’ HDD rig, the GRUNDODRILL 15XPT emphasises power, all while remaining a compact dirt drill. 

With 180 drill rods on board, the rig’s bentonite mud pump delivers 320L per minute for maximum productivity and quick drilling progress, even with large upsizing diameters. 

It also has a rotating cabin, which allows for optimal positioning in respect to what the job requires. The cabin itself is user-friendly, clearly arranged and has an air sprung seat with automatic air conditioning. 

The GRUNDODRILL 15XPT also has a touchscreen display with access to all performance data. This also includes drilling data acquisition, which allows the operator to record and have direct access to drilling data.  

Paired with the full functionality of the remote service, the GRUNDODRILL 15XPT has minimal down-time and low consumption of resources and costs, making it a flexible and economic rig from its very first use and onwards. 

TRACTO Australia sales manager Daniel Toms emphasised the shared commitment with Nurich to drive innovation within the HDD space. 

“TRACTO Australia prides itself in delivering high-quality tailored HDD solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients,” Toms said. 

“We are more than a supplier and are always there for our clients, from the first stage of purchase, right through to after sales.

“This partnership between TRACTO Australia and Nurich serves as a testament to our commitment to innovation for the drilling industry.” 

The machine is set to elevate Nurich’s HDD capabilities. Image: TRACTO Australia

For Nugent and the Nurich team, the GRUNDODRILL 15XPT will enable them to achieve greater productivity. 

“With this new drill now, we’ve got our eyes set on becoming a major player within this space,” he said. 

“We’re thankful to TRACTO for helping us get there.”

For more information, visit TRACTO Australia’s website.

This article featured in the April edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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