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Adept Civil shines on Mount Duneed project

Adept Civil Mount Duneed

Renowned contractor Adept Civil recently concluded microtunnelling works on the Surfcoast Highway Mount Duneed Outfall Sewer Main project. 

The Surfcoast Highway Mount Duneed Outfall Sewer Main project, located in Geelong, Victoria, was first initiated with the aim of upgrading the existing sewer network to meet the growing demands of the fast-growing residential developments in the surrounding area. 

A hallmark of trenchless technology is the minimal surface disruption, ideal for projects like this that requires management of traffic and residents. 

With many companies within the industry providing their expertise across these projects, Adept Civil rose to the occasion, employing its Axis GB812 laser guided boring system. 

The company was engaged by Drapers Civil Contracting to complete the microtunnelling works on the Surfcoast Highway Mount Duneed Outfall Sewer Main project. 

Within the scope, Adept Civil microtunnelled with its 350mm rock tricone cutting head and installed approximately 200m of 272mm GRP and 80m of 225mm PVC. 

The works presented numerous challenges, including navigating varying soil conditions, mitigating environmental impacts, and ensuring minimal disruption to surrounding communities. 

Adept Civil business development manager Quentin Powell said the company’s highly skilled personnel and advanced equipment was crucial for the works. 

“There was a mix of ground conditions, which consisted of weathered rock and clay,” Powell said. 

“With the Axis’ fully enclosed drilling caissons, we were able to have a fully supported bore at all times which prevented any potential collapsing of the bore.” 

Paired with the company’s reputation of strong collaboration, commitment to safety and quality, Adept Civil completed its scope efficiently. 

“At Adept, we always work well to collaborate with our clients to ensure projects are completed safely and efficiently,” Powell said.

“To ensure we maintained a safe environment, rigorous safety protocols were implemented to safeguard both our workers and the surrounding community. 

“Our willingness to work closely with Draper’s Civil Contracting meant we were right for the job.” 

The company also implemented stringent quality control measures to ensure the delivery of a durable and reliable sewer system. 

“With our strong focus on environmental management, we also ensured measures were in place to minimise the project’s ecological footprint and preserve natural habitats,” Powell said. 

“Through our philosophies of education, communication, continual improvement, and company involvement, we continue to aim to minimise pollution created during any works and continuously monitor its impacts on the environment.” 

The project marks a significant milestone in enhancing the region’s sewer network and underscores the proficiency in Adept Civil and its microtunnelling techniques. 

“As communities continue to evolve, the importance of reliable and resilient infrastructure also continues grow,” Powell said. 

“At Adept, we aim to meet this challenge with a dedication to excellence, innovation and client satisfaction.” 

With the Surfcoast Highway Mount Duneed Outfall Sewer Main project serving as a testament to its capabilities as a civil contractor, Adept Civil stands ready to contribute to the advancement of infrastructure development across Victoria.

For more information, visit Adept Civil’s website.

This article featured in the April edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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