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Get to know the Schwarze A4 Storm with KOR

Get to know KOR

KOR Equipment Solutions is all about educating clients on what equipment best suits their needs. Here, they break down the Schwarze A4 Storm regenerative air sweeper.

With KOR Equipment Solutions’ Get to Know series, customers can better understand the equipment and look into insights otherwise overlooked.

In the latest instalment, the company breaks down the Schwarze A4 Storm, a chassis mounted, regenerative air street sweeper.

The heavy-duty workhorse provides a high-quality option with the lowest cost of ownership.

It also includes the Schwarze Whisper Wheel SM fan system, which runs over 70 per cent quieter and up to 20 per cent less fuel consumption than alternative options.

The sweeper has an airspeed of 14,000cfm and sweep path of 3,048mm, making it an ideal compact performance leader.

Combined with high tipping at 88 degrees from a 1,956mm tip point and overall height of 2,505mm, the A4 is in a class of its own.

As the regenerative air system creates much less dust than sweepers fitted with main brooms, less water is required for dust control.

Watch the full video below:

For more information, visit KOR’s website.

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