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Simplicity for success


With an aim to provide a simplified approach to yield the best results for vacuum excavation, Vacuum Truck Supplies is set to launch a new range aimed at tackling this challenge. 

Partnering with Aryan Pumps and Enviro Solutions, Vacuum Truck Supplies wanted to design a combination/non-destructive digging (NDD) and stand-alone NDD vacuum truck range dedicated for Australian conditions. 

Aryan builds high-quality combination and drain cleaning products for global usage using proven reliable blowers, vacuum pumps, and water pumps. Its products are marketed and used extensively in Europe, UK, USA and Canada and are now available in Australia through Vacuum Truck Supplies.

Based in Mansfield, Victoria, Vacuum Truck Supplies has been in business for over 25 years, providing a specialised service in vacuum tanker manufacturing. 

To date, the company has built 1100 trucks and employs 25 people. 

This new range, known as the DrainVac and DiggerVac models, are set to present robust construction, while remaining simple to operate and maintain.

When it came to designing this new range, working with Aryan proved to be the right choice, according to Vacuum Truck Supplies managing director Rod Glue. 

“Their (Aryan’s) philosophies are in line with ours in that we want to build a very simple to operate and maintain machine that’s not overly expensive,” Glue told Trenchless Australasia.

“When I first saw the product at a trade show in Germany, I was very impressed with it. We’re very confident that the reliability and product development has been very thorough.” 

Some of the features include stainless steel waste and water tanks, tipping, and full opening doors, and perhaps the most innovative feature, a non-computer control system. 

“Many European trucks on the market rely on computers and a lot of customer feedback is that they break down or the software is out of date, and the trucks have been off the road,” Glue said. 

“We’ve opted for a full manual control system, which is very simple to for any relatively skilled person to diagnose and fix, should there be any issues with it.” 

Available in both 6×4 and 8×4 ADR compliant Volvo cab chassis configurations, the DrainVac has liquid rings while the DiggerVac includes helix blowers. 

“In terms of reliability, we’ll see increasing operational hours as there is a simplified driveline,” Glue said. 

“That simplified driveline gives a lot of reliability that competitors will lose because of complex computer interfaces. 

“We’ve also gone for minimal hydraulics so that gives us an increase in payload.”

The new range is designed with Aryan Pumps and Enviro Solutions. Image: Vacuum Truck Supplies

With this comes no compromise on quality, safety, or user operational functions. Glue said any belts or shafts are guarded and protected in line with WorkSafe requirements.

“Any access points are clearly marked with safety yellow, and the machine has relevant sensors that would sound an alarm should something be not quite right,” he said.

With the new range anticipated to arrive in July, Vacuum Truck Supplies is aiming to provide support services as the product rolls out.

“We’re certainly envisaging moving up the eastern seaboard with support as we move with it,” Glue said. 

“The beauty of these particular units is that while most of the existing products in the market will need a lot of service backup. 

“We believe that these won’t need the same level of service and backup because of the simplicity of build.”

For more information, visit Vacuum Truck Supplies’ website.

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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