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Redefining pipeline repair

SECA Quick-Lock

When it comes to municipal sewage infrastructure, durability and longevity are paramount. Enter SECA with Quick-Lock. 

In the ever-evolving field of pipeline construction, the pursuit of longevity is paramount. Traditional rehabilitation methods often involve disruptive excavation, particularly in densely populated areas, leading to extensive downtime. 

Enter SECA with the Quick-Lock system, a pipe repair solution that has been revolutionising trenchless technology for over three decades.

SECA Quick-Lock
The product provides structural trenchless pipe repair with heavy-gauge 316 stainless steel. Image: SECA

Crafted with precision from premium materials, including the renowned 1.4404 / 316L stainless steel sleeve and a robust rubber seal composed of EPDM, NBR, and Silicon, the Quick-Lock system exemplifies excellence in sealing technology. 

These materials are engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, providing unparalleled resistance to municipal sewage water, and ensuring decades of reliable performance.

One of Quick-Lock’s standout features is its innovative locking mechanism, which creates a seamless, watertight seal that is resistant to leaks and infiltration. This ensures the integrity of sewage systems, mitigating the risk of contamination and environmental damage. 

The advanced materials used in Quick-Lock’s construction exhibit exceptional resistance to chemical degradation, making it ideal for municipal sewage applications. 

From infiltration abatement to addressing longitudinal and circumferential cracks, as well as root intrusion, Quick-Lock provides a robust solution for a wide range of underground challenges, with seawater, potable water, and vertical bore solutions available.

SECA Quick-Lock
Quick-Lock applications. Image: SECA

Endorsed by esteemed institutions such as DiBt, CSTB, IKT, WRC, KTW, MPA, NSF, and WSAA and compliant with ASTM standard F3110-14, the Quick-Lock system guarantees the integrity of rehabilitated pipelines, often surpassing the performance of newly installed systems. 

Statistical evidence supports its ability to restore pipe stability, offering double the static reliability in aging pipe conditions.

Available through SECA, Quick-Lock’s trenchless installation, using advanced CCTV technology, significantly reduces disruption by allowing the system to be installed with minimal excavation, preserving the integrity of communities and the environment. 

SECA Quick-Lock
Its advanced materials exhibit exceptional resistance to chemical degradation. Image: SECA
SECA Quick-Lock
The Quick-Lock system is designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Image: SECA

With its ground-breaking 100-year lifetime design, Quick-Lock sets a new standard in pipeline repair and rehabilitation, offering unprecedented durability and reliability.

Founded in 1967, SECA is a leading supplier of equipment for the cleaning, testing, inspection, and rehabilitation of pipes, sewers, and drains. 

SECA Quick-Lock
Available through SECA, Quick-Lock’s trenchless installation, using advanced CCTV technology, significantly reduces disruption. Image: SECA

With a long-standing history of providing innovative technologies for sewer asset management, SECA serves a diverse clientele, from residential plumbers to councils, water authorities, and contractors. 

SECA’s expert knowledge, service, and support make it a one-stop shop for the trenchless industry, offering the equipment and confidence needed for repair and rehabilitation projects.

Discover how Quick-Lock’s revolutionary 100-year lifetime design can redefine your pipeline rehabilitation projects.

For more information, visit SECA’s website.

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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