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Strengthening rehabilitation efforts

rehabilitation mullane

Mullane Trenchless Pipeline Solutions is now approved as a Tier 1 installer of Asoe Pipe-In Liner, marking a significant growth milestone for the company. 

Developed by Asoe Hose Manufacturing in Asia, Pipe-In Liner is a fabric reinforced flexible pipe and is ideal for relining high pressure water, gas, oil, and sewer pipelines.

The simple installation process involves folding Pipe-In Liner into a U shape, which is followed by pulling the liner into the host pipes before it is expanded. 

Asoe Pipe-In Liner is also now an AS/NZ 4020 Australian drinking water approved product. 

In 2022, Mullane Trenchless Pipelines Solutions installed Australia’s first Asoe pressure liner to rehabilitate a 250mm water main for the University of Newcastle. 

“We’re very proud to be an approved installer of Asoe Pipe-In Liner in Australia,” Mullane Trenchless Pipelines Solutions Director Luke Woodward said. 

“As we already have experience installing the product, this is a natural progression in our partnership with Asoe.

“We encourage all asset owners or pipeline rehabilitation companies to contact us to work on projects using this solution.”

With a size range of DN50 to DN1400, Asoe Pipe-In Liner is a versatile product, which has the ability to reline more than a kilometre in one pull.

“It is a perfect cost-effective no-dig asset solution suitable for river crossings, road crossings, long pipe runs and congested areas where excavation is difficult,” Woodward said. 

Asoe products are used across the globe in countries such as the USA, UK, Europe, Africa, Brazil, Israel, China, Australia, New Zealand and more. 

rehabilitation mullane
Mullane Trenchless Pipeline Solutions restoring an aging 250mm potable water main under the main entrance road to Newcastle University. Image: Mullane Trenchless Pipeline Solutions

“Through Asoe, we have a large network of trenchless experts that are in regular contact with each other to share knowledge and help plan and deliver challenging trenchless projects,” Woodward said. 

Founded in 2020, Mullane Trenchless Pipeline Solutions quickly established itself as a frontrunner within the trenchless industry. 

“As we continue to forge ahead into the market, our sights are set on bringing innovations and cutting-edge solutions to the forefront of the industry,” Woodward said. 

“This milestone is a testament of our commitment to the industry and our Hunger to exceed our clients expectations through superior products and service.” 

With over 250 long-term employees and a diverse client base that includes water authorities, councils, developers, builders, and educational and healthcare institutions, Mullane Trenchless Pipeline Solutions, part of the H L Mullane Group, delivers exceptional value through its tailored solutions. 

The company offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to suit pipelines of all types and sizes and specialises in complex civil water infrastructure projects.

From pushrod and crawler camera inspections to high-pressure jet cleaning, milling, and robotic cutting, Mullane Trenchless Pipeline Solutions employs advanced technology to deliver results.

The team’s expertise extends to patch repairs, UV and heat cured CIPP relining, as well as pressure pipe relining.

With capabilities ranging from 50mm to 1500mm, the company is equipped to handle residential, commercial, industrial, mining, and municipal projects with ease.

For more information, visit Mullane Trenchless Pipeline Solutions’ website.

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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