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Become a UV relining pro with Pipe Core

UV relining Pipe Core

Leading trenchless provider Pipe Core is hosting a UV relining demo day on Thursday, 18 July 2024, at the company’s headquarters in Port Melbourne.

The event is open to asset owners and contractors interested in understanding the benefits of UV technology for the renewal of pipeline infrastructure.

Beginning at 10am, attendees will have a front row seat to a live UV relining demonstration using the latest technology from SAERTEX multiCom® GmbH, Rausch Rehab GmbH, and Cosmic Engineering.

The theme of the day is centred around the latest trends in UV renewal technologies. The event will feature a live SAERTEX-LINER® installation, as well as a real-time junction cut-out and Cosmic top hat junction seal installation.

UV relining Pipe Core
Image: Prime Creative Media

Katharina Helming from SAERTEX multiCom® will present an overview of SAERTEX-LINER® technologies, while Thomas Reutemann from Rausch Rehab GmbH will discuss best practices and how to achieve a quality-assured liner installation using Rausch Rehab’s advanced curing systems.

To secure your spot, visit the registration page here.

The announcement follows a successful run of open days for Pipe Core, which had industry experts come together, for relining tips and tricks and in-depth discussions about curing and inversion techniques using a range of equipment and materials from Pipe Core’s leading list of suppliers around the world.

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