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Highlighting trenchless innovations

Trenchless innovations TRACTO

Trenchless Australasia spoke with TRACTO product manager Lea Freise about her career and the power of innovation in the trenchless industry. 

As technology continues to evolve within the trenchless industry, so too do the opportunities for both men and women. TRACTO product manager Lea Freise shared her story, her path through the trenchless world, and her goal to inspire others to do the same. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in the trenchless industry?

From an early age, I was interested in science and technology, which led to me choosing engineering studies after school. 

The main reason for me starting to work in the trenchless industry was the fascinating technology around TRACTO’s drill rigs and the wide range of applications associated with them.

Can you tell us about your experience working within the industry?

Shortly after starting at TRACTO, I had the opportunity to accompany the first construction sites of our latest and largest rock drill rig, the GRUNDODRILL ACS300. 

From then on, I had the opportunity to experience different construction site situations, gain a lot of new experience and, above all, learn a lot. All in all, this innovative industry offers so many exciting challenges for further development.

In your opinion, what unique perspectives or skills do women bring to the industry?

Today, fortunately, women and men have equal access to technical education, study, or training – the knowledge base in technical professions is therefore gender-independent. 

In my experience, as a woman, it is often easy to gain access to the mostly male contacts on construction sites. Women simply loosen up the male-dominated construction sector.

Why did you choose to work for TRACTO?

TRACTO is not only known for innovative technology, which of course fascinates me as a mechanical engineer, but also has a very good reputation as an employer in our region. 

In addition, my role as Product Manager at TRACTO gives me the opportunity to come into contact with many different and interesting people.

This is either through contracting companies or with asset owners to gain insights into construction site processes and the use of our machines, or with internal and external colleagues to discuss technical aspects of our machines.

Can you explain your role as product manager at TRACTO?

As product manager I am involved in a wide range of tasks related to the life cycle of our products and am in close contact with our customers and colleagues in the global TRACTO Group. 

Bringing the customer’s perspective into the company, in other words transferring the requirements from the construction site to our various departments, is one of my main tasks.

Can you share a project or accomplishment that you’re particularly proud of in your time at TRACTO?

The last thing I was proud of was being involved in organising and running the Hands-On Days that took place at our headquarters in April. 

Customers from all over the world came to little Saalhausen to learn about technical innovations and to exchange trends and experiences. This showed me that the industry is a great community and that we can work together to promote trenchless as “the better way”, as one of the Australian customers so aptly put it.

What advice would you give to other women who are interested in pursuing a career in the trenchless industry?

If you enjoy innovative technologies and want to be part of an industry with a bright future, you should have no doubts about yourself and your abilities and just take the plunge.

For more information, visit TRACTO Australia’s website.

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

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