Asset Training helps operators undergo verification

Australia’s first online drain cleaning refresher

Aqua Assets provides water and waste management services to businesses in the utility, construction, engineering and trade sectors.

Services include civil works, non-destructive digging, vacuum loading, CCTV, drain cleaning and pipeline rehabilitation.

Aqua Assets subsidiary Asset Training is specially dedicated to providing training in water and waste management and industrial maintenance services.

This registered training organisation (RTO) primarily focuses on work safety, backed by vocational educators who are passionate about the level of instruction they provide.

Operating since 2006, Asset Training is an award-winning RTO dedicated to providing safe work training.

For more than 15 years, the company has continued to grow its portfolio of industry-specific trainers who collectively have more than 40 years of combined industry experience.

Asset Training has recently launched a new online drain cleaning refresher – a short course achievable in less than a week, reinvigorating the individual on the relevant drain cleaning unit of competency.  

While COVID-19 has restricted many industrial maintenance businesses from accessing the training they require, Asset Training has adapted its curriculum to help operators maintain their nationally accredited compliance standing remotely.

The Online Drain Cleaning Refresher course recognises the current restraints placed on businesses, providing a new level of accessibility through the online training course.

Drain cleaning operators are required to undergo verification of competency or refresher training at appropriate intervals not exceeding two years.

The Online Drain Cleaning Refresher course uses the MSMWJ302 system to assess the competency knowledge of the drain cleaning operator.

The operator is then practically assessed through document and video submissions, and if successful, is re-certified as competent to perform their responsibilities.

Refresher training is required by industry, and the training offered by Asset Training is nationally recognised, up to date, and of the highest quality.

The training comprises both theoretical and practical components and the theory includes five online quizzes with a pass/fail grading.

Each quiz is supported by a video lesson that students can view before submission, and students are given two attempts for each question.

There are two types of practical assessments: there are a series of site safety documents that must be submitted (some of these may be work documents that can be completed on the job), and videos must be taken demonstrating students carrying out practical tasks. These will need to be uploaded and reviewed by an Asset Training assessor.

A refresher has a two-year limit, and an allowance of two months is given for students to complete all assigned tasks.

Operators must submit all assigned tasks at least two weeks prior to their two-year refresher date to ensure a new Statement of Attainment can be issued in time.

Asset Training has dedicated time and resources to developing successful bridging courses and the organisation can provide experienced operators with the opportunity to upgrade their training to the next level.

Asset Training is now offering one-day bridging courses for those seeking to upgrade their High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ) qualifications, vacuum loading and drain cleaning skill sets as well.

Asset Training says it expects water utilities and pipeline maintenance companies, plumbers, and local councils will greatly benefit from the new level of accessibility offered by these courses.

For more information visit the Aqua Training website. 

Vermeer’s new HDD Simulator

The Simulator trains the basics of operating drill controls, using real world drilling simulation without the need to step foot on a real drill.

Operators get instant feedback, alerting when drilling goes off target and guiding them back to safer alignment.

Operators who have run a Vermeer drill previously will feel at ease with the familiar setup, and new users will increase their confidence as they run the HDD Simulator.

The simulator controls span across the Vermeer line-up of drills and help with a smooth transition to a real drill.

The Vermeer HDD Simulator comes with ergonomic chair and control units. 

Simple setup

The HDD Simulator comes with simple software technology, chair and controls unit.

Setup is easy and compatible with a number of display screen sizes, and compact and portable enough to be used in showrooms, offices or training facilities, meaning you can take your operator training to where you need it.

Operating the controls is simple, and there are multiple learning levels, offering hands-on and self-guided lessons that cover concepts such as pullback and carve steering, safety features, drilling fluids and soil types.

The demonstrations cover the Vermeer HDD line-up from the D10x15 S3 through to the D220x300. 

Operating modes

The HDD Simulator also allows the operator to see beyond their normal view with the hood, engine and rod basket becoming semitransparent, increasing operator confidence early on.

As they progress through the levels those features are removed.

There are also two operating modes: virtual reality or screen display that shows the highly detailed animations of the program providing an exceptional user experience.

Comprehensive feedback

The Vermeer Navigator HDD Simulator 1.0. is a great way to learn about HDD controls or to practice and increase your directional drilling skills.

The system provides users with a comprehensive report card, highlighting areas of excellence and where they need to improve so they are ready to operate a horizontal directional drill in the real world.

For more information visit the Vermeer Australia website.



An asset to industry

Its Registered Training Organisation, Asset Training, is dedicated to providing specific training in wastewater management and industrial maintenance services.

Asset Training is fully equipped to deliver its training courses Australia-wide.

All trainers are experienced with VET accreditation and a passion for providing exceptional and comprehensive training with hopes of improving the wastewater management and industrial maintenance services on offer throughout Australia. 

Courses on offer cover a wide range of skill and experience levels, and all include both theoretical and practical delivery and assessments.

Asset Training is committed to constantly developing new industry-specific training, and its dedication to quality has not gone unnoticed, with its new Online High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ) Course nominated for the 2020 Hunter Safety Award for Best WHS Training Course, while one of its trainers, Holly Tonner, was nominated for Young WHS Leader of the Year. 

The HPWJ Course has form in this area, having taken out the award in 2019.

Holly Tonner was nominated for the 2020 Hunter Safety Awards Young WHS Leader of the Year.

New additions and key courses

Asset Training is now offering a new Online HPWJ Refresher Course, which is the first of its kind in Australia.

The course uses the MSMWJ301 ‘Operate a high-pressure water jetting system’ to assess the competency knowledge of the HPWJ operator.

The operator is then practically assessed through document and video submissions and if successful is re-certified as competent to their operator status.

Asset Training is also offering its Confined Space courses at its new Confined Space training facility.

The Confined Space Entry course is designed to provide the participants with the competencies required to remove or minimise risks in the workplace associated with confined space person entry.

Asset Training’s CCTV Conduit Inspector training has quickly become a necessity and utility prerequisite, as it provides students with the knowledge and skills expected of a qualified CCTV operator or supervisor undertaking conduit inspections and reporting on the condition of conduits in Australia.

A student will be given an introduction to conduit inspection software, shown how to perform a thorough CCTV conduit inspection survey and prepare associated conduit condition reports.

This course can be attended by CCTV field managers and operators who require the highest understanding of the sewer and stormwater conduit inspection evaluation process, or any person who is responsible for evaluating, inspecting, reporting, or is associated with conduit/asset management, inspection or construction. 

Asset Training has the latest equipment and software available for delivery of this training, ensuring all students are up to date with the latest industry knowledge, methods and technology.

Aqua Assets

Outside of its training centre, parent company Aqua Assets is a major industry name in its own right, providing fully compliant CCTV stormwater and sewer pipeline/conduit inspections as well as full asset service from water jet cleaning, vacuum loading, clearing root cutting, high pressure water flex cleaning, cold cutting, pipeline rehabilitation, civil works and turnkey project management.

Aqua Assets will often follow up with a post-works CCTV inspection and report, as this pre and post reporting helps identify maintenance and repair needs, as well as confirm the completion of any rehabilitation works.

The company recently celebrated the arrival of its first Hi Rail Combination truck, a vehicle perfect for drain cleaning, NDD, vacuuming and more which is available specifically for the rail industry.

The company has been in business for more than two decades and some of its staff have been in the industry for more than 40 years, giving Aqua Assets an edge in expertise.

The company also holds complete plumbing drainage and gas fitting contractor licences.

For more information visit the Aqua Assets website.

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