The triple bottom line benefits of trenchless technology

Gone are the days where project selection criteria was based solely on the benefits to corporate and business leaders. Nowadays, it’s no longer enough to focus on these benefits alone, and more contractors are on the hunt for equipment options that look at the bigger picture and offer triple bottom line benefits.

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Maxibor breaks through climate transition challenges

As the civil construction sector is going through the post–pandemic recovery stage, it needs to manage other challenges, namely climate transition, labour shortages, supply chain disruptions and inflation. Maxibor CEO Rodney O’Meley shares his insights on the impact of these challenges on the horizontal directional drilling industry and how Maxibor is addressing them so that clients and other project stakeholders’ expectations continue to be met.

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WATCH: Pipe Core provides training opportunities with SAERTEX multiCom® GmbH for gravity and pressure pipe systems 

Learn from an industry-leading manufacturer of UV-cured fibreglass-reinforced pipe liners with theoretical and practical training in the rehabilitation of gravity and pressure pipe systems, thanks to SAERTEX multiCom’s advanced Certified Installer Training, offered exclusively through Pipe Core for Australia and New Zealand.

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Trenchless contractor puts maintenance hole relining system through its paces

M. Tucker & Sons has rehabilitated a number of maintenance holes in southeast Melbourne. The company used the Brandenburger’s BBS.8 maintenance hole liner – which it has exclusive installation rights to in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania – combined with a Rausch Rehab UV curing system, and managed all aspects of the installations including traffic management.

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Progress is in the pipeline: shifting the dial towards a more inclusive industry

In 2023, construction remains the most male-dominated sector in Australia, with female participation at just 13 per cent. Attracting more women to the industry could be part of the solution to the crippling skills shortages the broader sector is facing. How then, do we build workplaces that are attractive to everyone and that women can thrive in?

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