Edge Underground has now completed a number of successful jobs in Townsville and the surrounding areas.

Edge Underground pre-plan key to success in Townsville

Heading into the wet season in northern Queensland, Edge Underground – part of OptionX Group – were working against extreme heat and flash flooding on a microtunnelling project to complete three lines, with one under a major state highway.

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View the latest trenchless technology tenders

View the latest trenchless technology tenders

UGL Regional Linx – Underboring Services
Issued by: UGL Regional Linx Pty Ltd
Closing Date: 30 June 022
Location: New South Wales
Description: Provision of underboring / horizontal directional drilling services including the supply of conduit / pipe.

Seymour Wastewater Management Facility (WMF) Third Party Irrigation Stage 1 Pipeline
Issued by: Goulburn Valley Water
Closing Date: 29 March 2022
Location: Victoria
Description: This stage one works is for the Irrigation pipeline and its submains. The rising main is a DN450 PN12.5 Irrigation Pipeline with under bores (or open cut of one) of Native Vegetation (x1 or 2), a Creek (x1) under bore and Open Cut over two adjacent Gas Pipelines. Includes supply and install of submains of various smaller sizes going into the landowners on farm works. Includes wider drainage and access track upgrades.

Sydney Gateway, Stages 1 & 3 – Steel Fabrication – Stainless Steel
Issued by: John Holland Pty Ltd & Seymour Whyte Construction Pty Ltd
Closing Date: 31 March 2022
Location: New South Wales
Description: Supply and fabrication of stainless-steel pipe, scuppers, drainage troughs and others. 

Wotton Reserve Sewer Connection (Mainline Works Only)
Issued by: City of Bayswater
Closing Date: 31/03/2022
Location: Western Australia
Description: There are a small number of the City’s facilities that are still connected to in-ground septic systems, and as part of the City’s capital works program, those are being progressively connected to the main sewer system. Wotton Reserve is a popular active reserve and funds were allocated in the 2022/23 capital works budget for sewer connection of the clubrooms on the reserve to the main line on Embleton Avenue. The Water Corporation approvals have been obtained and the project is now cleared to proceed as soon as possible in accordance with the enclosed drawing packages. Quotations are now sought from suitably experienced and qualified drainage contractors to perform the main line connection works, and the objective will be to complete the works by the end of the current financial year 2021/22.

Albany Waterfront Marina (Toll Place) Services Extension
Issued by: Department of Transport
Closing Date: 25 March 2022
Location: Western Australia
Description: This RFT and associated documents relates to Works at Albany Waterfront Marina (Toll Place) to: Connect and extend services (water, gas, sewer and electrical).

West Wyalong Pump Station and Reservoir Construction
Issued by: Goldenfields Water County Council
Closing Date: 07 April 2022
Location: Victoria
Description: Goldenfields Water invites tenders from suitably qualified contractors to construct and commission 1 x 24.7m high 12.5m diameter concrete standpipe reservoir, 1 x transfer pump station, all pipe and electrical work associated, piping consisting of approximately 600m of DN300 PVCO and DN300 DICL, located on the outskirt of West Wyalong NSW.

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adept civil

Girl power: Adept Civil Group up and coming leader in the trenchless world

What is commonly seen as a male-dominated industry, Maddison Corrie is not phased, taking the opportunity to pave the way for other women interested in the trenchless sector.

Corrie recalls when she finished school that she always wanted to do something in the trenchless field.

“I never wanted an office job. After school I got out in the field and a job came about in traffic control on the Gold Coast,” she says. “Once I finished that job, I then moved to Melbourne doing traffic control and that is when I was working alongside a gas client who offered me a job which then led to the job with Adept down the track.”

In the four years Corrie has been with Adept Civil Group she has progressed from learning to operate machines to running the day-to-day operations of the machine.

Business development manager Quentin Powell says once he has done a handover on site, the project then becomes Corrie’s.

“Maddison is now responsible for running the maintenance of the machines, running crews, and looking after the clients on site,” he says.

“This industry has a very heavy male presence, but the way she has had to deal with the different clients and use her own skills and intuition has resulted in the best outcomes for not only the client but the Adept business too.

“Her growth and communication with everyone has been a pleasure to watch. And we are only at the start of her journey too.”

Continuing to prove her skills and expertise in the industry, Corrie has recently been involved with the Albion Station upgrade in Melbourne’s western suburbs for Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM).

At the end of November 2021, Adept Civil Group was awarded a contract by the Hitch Group to support the upgrade.

Albion Station is extending platforms to fit bigger, more modern trains and installing wheelchair boarding pads to improve accessibility.

Power upgrades are also taking place in and adjacent to the rail corridor near Albion Station as part of works to boost electrical capacity along the Sunbury Line.

As part of the upgrades, an electrical substation on Talmage Street is being built to provide essential power for bigger, more modern trains to run along the line. This will improve the capacity, reliability and frequency of services for passengers.

Corrie says the job was very tricky, with Adept having to work on the railway lines where the trains were and having to overcome challenging and tough ground conditions.

“Adept Civil Group was successful in being awarded this project due to our outstanding safety record and previous success with delivery of major rail crossing by micro-tunnelling method,” she says.

Adept Civil
Maddison Corrie, Adept Civil

“Some of the hardest ground conditions that you will ever encounter, have been encountered with basalt rock in excess of 250MPA. Our approach and mindset is: slow and steady will win this race. Our client Metro Trains Melbourne has been incredibly impressed by our whole teams’ approach to this project.”

As part of the contract, Corrie says the company also had to modify its drill from 355 diameter to 400 diameter in order to complete the 2 x 36m bores in solid basalt installing a 376mm GRP sleeve. Each sleeve holds 4 x 150mm power conduits.

Powell says in order to achieve this, Adept had to adapt the drill itself and make a few modifications to the rods in order for it to centralise in the bore.

“It was a fairly involved process. However, going forward this modification will benefit us in the future, opening up a wider range of jobs. Instead of being limited to that smaller diameter, it opens up a whole new prospect,” he says.

Describing the project as amazing, Corrie says the next phase will allow the company to adapt the knowledge they learnt from the first part and implement into their future work.

As Corrie nears completing another project under her belt, her advice to other women wanting to get into the trenchless industry is “just don’t give up”.

“It is hard starting out, but just know you will make it one day,” she says. “It is 2022, so women can do what men do. We might not be able to do certain things at the same capacity but that doesn’t me we can’t do it. Just keep trying and you will make it.”

For more information visit the Adept Civil website. 

This article appeared in the February 2022 issue of Trenchless Australasia. Click here to view the digital edition of the magazine. 

Ditch Witch CEA

Unearthing new potential

Ditch Witch CEA boasts the most comprehensive line up of directional drills, HDD tooling, vacuum excavators, trenchers, vibratory ploughs and more available on the market. With impetus on power, the Ditch Witch range is curated to withstand extreme use.

Construction Equipment Australia (CEA) supplies equipment to many industries from construction, through to agriculture, to waste management. All machines are developed for their grunt, versatility, and ergonomics, backed by more than 70 years of expertise.

This year, Ditch Witch introduces a new product to the Australian market, featuring greater stability, higher horsepower, and more advanced electronics.

Scott O’Hare is the Ditch Witch national product manager. “Ditch Witch CEA has made significant investments in aftersales support for these products, including factory trained technicians and parts availability at each branch,” says O’Hare.

“CEA will also offer local HDD guidance and utility locator servicing for their Subsite Electronics products. In addition, CEA will also offer operator training via their Virtual Reality Simulator, based on these new HDD models – as these are all important factors in the aftersales support in the drill market.”

Ditch Witch CEA
The AT32 is equipped with a Cummins Diesel engine with 155 horsepower. Image: Ditch Witch CEA


The newest in the all-terrain directional drill line-up, the AT32, is equipped with a Cummins Diesel engine with 155 horsepower, offering the highest horsepower in its class. Packed with 32,000 lb of thrust and pullback, the AT32 provides power for efficient installation through tough soils – even hard rock won’t slow it down.

“The new look AT32 replaces the outgoing AT30 model, offering significantly more power and efficiency advancements, in a similar footprint – and shares a common platform with existing next generation models in the Ditch Witch line-up (new climate controlled quiet cabin, increased power, thrust and torque, as well as more onboard pipe and a higher flow fluid pump),” says O’Hare.

“There are also many design and technological advancements that offer efficiency gains while drilling, while retaining the proven reliability Ditch Witch is known for.”

The AT32 perfectly balances size and power, packing high performance into a sleek, streamline hull. Whether towing, mobilising or drilling, the compact footprint allows operators to manoeuvre metropolitan job sites with ease and confidence. Complete job site set-up can also now be completed with the advanced wireless remote.

A heavy-duty anchor system holds operation position for more precise control in all soil conditions. Latest iteration in the all-terrain evolution also features 4,200 ft lbs of rotational torque to unearth new levels of performance.

The operator-focused design features a fully retractable, climate-controlled cab, a heated seat and increased leg room. The ergonomic station is designed specifically with HDD operators at the fore, with adjustable suspension and two 7” LED colour screens for better visibility to all machine functions.

As well as including 29 per cent more onboard pipe, the AT32 also provides operators the option to manually add pipe when low to improve productivity and keep the job running. The Ditch Witch HDD system includes: HDD tooling complete with a full line of drill bits, HD backreamers, drill pipe and beacon housings; Subsite Electronics HDD Guidance systems for a clear plan, more control and faster reporting; vacuum excavators; and training to keep crews confident and efficient.

Ditch Witch CEA will unveil the AT32 at No-Dig Down Under Exhibition in March 2022 in Sydney, with units available for order soon thereafter. You can contact your local Ditch Witch CEA branch on 1300 788 757 for more information.

Marksman + HDD Tracker

To complement the next generation of all-terrain drills, Ditch Witch has developed a new HDD tracker. The “Marksman +” HDD Tracker is the tracker of choice for interference mitigation and avoidance, beacon performance, and ease of use.

More effective tracking results in more productive bores and help guarantee improved performance at extended depths The Marksman HDD Guidance System provides superior performance in high-interference environments with the industry’s widest range of frequencies in a single beacon.

Marksman scans the most usable frequencies, selecting the best choice to avoid interference. Its increased beacon power signal improves performance at extended depths and dual-power-mode provides consistent performance across housing sizes.

Marksman is easy to use with your choice of user interface – ‘Classic View’ or the new ‘Marksman View’ featuring intuitive graphics and clear data – and a simple single toggle control. The tracker weighs 3.2 kg and has a battery life of up to 16 hours. It also comes with on-screen menus and graphics, and an integrated GPS system.

“The AT32 is standard with an in-built screen for the Subsite Marksman +: the most advanced tracker in the Subsite Electronics line up. It also provides access to all the Subsite technology to minimise owners risks, and increase their efficiency and profitability,” says O’Hare.

“The new user interface is user friendly, offering the choice of different views, which will make it suitable for both new and existing Subsite customers.”

For more information visit the Ditch Witch CEA website. 

This article appeared in the February 2022 issue of Trenchless Australasia. Click here to view the digital edition of the magazine.