kwik-ZIP reflects on 2022 No-Dig

Reflecting on the 2022 conference, kwik-ZIP expressed that it was fantastic to be able to see so many current customers and connect with new contacts within the industry, particularly after the difficulties faced by all over the past few years with the lack of face to face opportunities. 

“Thanks to our loyal customers for taking the time to stop by our booth to say hello.  We look forward to working with you all in the new financial year ahead.”

Used and recommended by pipeline and civil contractors around the world, kwik-ZIP centraliser and spacer systems are solving production casing centralisation challenges throughout the pipeline industry.

kwik-ZIP maintains a focus on price effectiveness, simplicity, and rapid on-site assembly, to ensure that our systems deliver significant cost, time and operational advantages to our customers.

kwik-ZIP’s spacers and centralisers have a segmented design, meaning they can be fit to an extensive range of pipe diameters with the addition of multiple segments.

Available in various product series (including HDXT, HDX, HD, GT, 380, and 155), each series is also available with varying bow/runner heights, making these highly flexible products.

Kwik-ZIP spacers series HDX and HDXT are the only casing spacers on the market that have been approved as compliant by WSAA.

For any specific project requirements that kwik-ZIP can assist you with or if you have any questions regarding its products please contact the company at or


Software for conduit inspection: a buyer’s guide

Is it time to upgrade your conduit inspection software? Many asset owners and contractors are still using software that was released more than 10 years ago and are facing end-of-life notifications from their vendors. 

Others are evaluating new software to meet the needs of the Water Services Association of Australia’s (WSAA) newly released 2020 v4.1 reporting code. This guide is intended to help you make the most of your software investment.

The good news is that there are now more choices than ever before, including the just-launched PipeTech Auscodes conduit inspection software. The software is the result of a collaborative effort between Peter Slingsby, an Australian water-industry veteran, and PipeTech Software, a company that has been creating inspection software for over 20 years. 

Evaluating software can be a daunting task. In Australia, we have faced limited options and high prices for many years. Now that there are more choices available, what criteria should you consider when making a decision? 

We surveyed experts who use conduit inspection software daily. And what follows are their top three recommendations. 

Speed of data entry

Field crews have a demanding job, and time is money. 

“Less time with a reporting program means less time in the pipe and more metres at the end of the day,” says Bruce Barrie of Deetect Pty Ltd in Canberra, who uses PipeTech Auscodes to compile reports in the WSA 2020 v4.1 format. 

“Inputting the header and asset details are easy and the shortcuts, duplication and repetition of codes as the survey progresses are what makes this program a treat to use and an asset to my business,” he says. 

Accurate coding and scoring

The WSA 2020 4.1 reporting codes have a revised scoring and grading system that is designed to better reflect the severity and impact of defects. Asset owners are adopting the new code system so that they can make better asset management decisions. 

It’s critical that whatever software you select adheres to the WSA standard and is capable of producing accurate scoring reports. PipeTech Auscodes is the first fully compliant software to meet this standard, and the partnership behind this software is committed to staying up-to-date with future WSAA updates.

Data quality and format

A software program is only as good as the data it produces. When evaluating conduit inspection software, carefully consider what you, and your customers, need in terms of data output. 

High-quality video and easy to interpret PDF reports are a must. Bruce Barrie says he uses this as a competitive advantage.

“My clients are very pleased with the reports and videos produced by PipeTech Auscodes,” he says. 

It’s also necessary to consider the structure of the raw data itself. 

For example, does the software you are evaluating allow custom folder and file names? Is there a flexible data export format that can be used in conjunction with other software platforms such as geographic information system (GIS)?

While the criteria above are universal to everyone who uses conduit inspection software, each buyer will ultimately have additional features that are important to them. 

This is why it’s important to start a conversation with different software vendors early in your buying process and keep a list of which software products meet your specific needs.

For more information visit Auscodes.

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

L&D Tunnelling mark another project as job well done

The project had involved a rather challenging bore, with Geotech used to show mudstone and siltstone. Moreover, as the works progressed under the railing on the roadside clays with high-level plastics were prominently present.

Slow and steady won the race with this project, according to L&D Micro Tunnelling, and it was a great achievement for the team to see the drill-head poke through to the retrieval hole.

L&D Micro Tunnelling specialise in high accuracy trenchless laser guided boring. The tunnel bore machines use a vacuum extraction system where all spoil is extracted into interceptor tanks for easy disposal.

All of the heads are hydraulically driven and guided by a high accuracy laser to achieve precision over long distances.

L&D Micro Tunnelling was initially established in 2015 and its team has a combined 20 years of experience in the sewer and water industry. The company provides free boring, sleeve boring, pipe jacking, pilot auger boring and general machine hire.

The company has worked on a variety of other pipeline and rehabilitation projects including the Merri Creek sewer relief project, HMAS Cerberus, Mt Martha sewer duplication project, and Metro tunnel early works.

With this additional success on the Surrey Hills level crossing, L&D Micro Tunnelling have marked yet another job well done with more projects sure to come.

To learn more about the services L&D Micro Tunnelling provide, click here.

To see the images of the Surrey Hills level crossing being completed, click here.

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View the latest trenchless technology tenders

View the latest trenchless technology tenders

Fairlie Golf Course Waste Water Main Upgrade
Issued by: Mackenzie District Council
Closing Date: 08/07/2022
Location: New Zealand
Description: This contract is for the upgrade of a 150mm diameter to a 225mm diamater uPVC SN16 wastewater gravity main that is located through the Fairlie Golf Course, a length of approximately 466m. The work may be undertaken either using open trench or trenchless method, such as pipe bursting. If open trench, the works shall be partially off-line to avoid an existing green and trees where practicable.

Western Sydney Airport & Science Park Secondary gas main installation
Issued by: Jemena Limited
Closing Date: 11/07/2022
Location: New South Wales
Description: Zinfra is requesting suitably qualified Contractors to provide a price for the the installation of a new DN 250 secondary gas main via a combination of open cut trenching (est 640m) and HDD (est 430m) along Elizabeth Drive at the Western Sydney Airport precinct.

The SOW includes:

  • Install of approx 1070m of DN250 secondary gas main
  • Installation of a DN250 three way Williamson Tee
  • Installation of a DN250 Valve and MIJ.
  • Installation of three CP test pints & dataloggers
  • Traffic Management
  • Establish and maintain site compound and support during hot tapping & Commissioning.

Relining and Repair of Gravity Sewer Mains and Associated Structures
Issued by: Balranald Shire Council
Closing Date: 05/07/2022
Location: New South Wales
Description: Balranald Shire Council invites tenders from interested companies to carry out works for the relining and repair of gravity sewer lines and associated infrastructure, which may include lines, pump stations, manholes and service connections.

Condition assessment reports are available for a large portion of the works. At the completion of the works Council will require CCTV footage of all works that have been undertaken.

Council has two sewerage schemes within the Shire, located at Balranald and Euston Townships. Works may be required in either township.

The contract will be for 2022/23 and 2023/24 financial years with an extension option of up to 3 years, subject to agreement.

Wet Well Cleaning and Condition Reporting
Issued by: North East Water
Closing Date: 08/07/2022
Location: Victoria
Description: North East Water is seeking the services of a suitably qualified and experienced contractor to undertake cleaning and condition reporting of North East Water’s 162 Sewer Pump Stations across various parts of North East Victoria for a four (4) year term, beginning September 2022. 

Sewer Rehabilitation Program 2022-2025
Issued by: Goulburn Valley Water
Closing Date: 12/07/2022
Location: Victoria
Description: As part of its ongoing commitment to service, Goulburn Valley Water continually monitors and evaluates the condition of the reticulated sewer network as part of its sewer rehabilitation program. The reticulated sewer network is defined as a combination of sewers assets from Access Chambers, Mainline Sewers and Property House Service Lines. The assets that are identified as being in need of rehabilitation are included in the program as a result of containing breakages, root infestation, infiltration or condition has caused sewer overflow, inundations or blockages.

Over the next three years, the budget allocation for sewer rehabilitation and CCTV services within the Corporation’s service area is approximately $6.6M; however, no guarantee is given that the entire allocation of these funds will be attributed to these contract works. The Corporation is seeking the services of a Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Service Provider/s to undertake these works under a Schedule of Rates contract.

White Street, Fitzroy North Drainage Improvement
Issued by: Moreland City Council
Closing Date: 12/07/2022
Location: Victoria
Description: Moreland City Council is seeking suitably qualified contractors to undertake drainage improvement works at along White Street, Fitzroy North. The project involves the reconstruction of approximately 186m of 225mm to 525mm diameter. Drainage Pipes and 69 Tonne of asphalt work.


Email for more information.  

For more tender information visit the Australian Tenders website

ISC Services

Providing innovative connection for HDPE

By providing inflow and infiltration (I/I) assessments, conducting inspections at hundreds of maintenance holes, pump stations and sewage treatment plant inlet structures, ISC Services has helped clients minimise their asset degradation and reduce operational asset costs.  

Most recently, its B-Tech Connections™, an innovative Pullable Mechanical Connection for HDPE, which has already been recently awarded the NASTT 2022 Abbott Innovative Product & Services Award. It is also up for Innovation recognition at No-Dig Down Under, UKSTT and ISTT.

The B-Tech Connections™ have been specifically designed for trenchless technologies, and providing a quick, simple, high strength pipe-to-pipe mechanical connection. B-Tech Connections™ can be used for all pull-in applications including pipe bursting and/or splitting, culvert replacement and micro tunnelling where HDPE is utilised. It can also be used in industries including telecom, electrical, de-water, by-passing, dredging, mining and even Petro-chemical.  

The innovation of pipe-to-pipe connection where the ID & OD remain the same, allows for 100 per cent retention of flow capacity while also maintaining a smooth external profile with no external obstructions, perfectly suitable for tight enclosed pipe tracks. 

Bentink tells Trenchless Australasia that the B-Tech Connections™ can be pre-fused to any length of pipe and are available in threaded or push together connections that are made of 100 per cent HDPE, allowing them to be the exact specifications and material as the pipe.  

“Pre-fusion of B-Tech Connections™ prior to arrival on site reduces labour time required on site for connecting pipes and also reduces the need for specialised equipment or specialised training on site,” he says. “As the B-Tech Connections™ maintain the same external size, stacking of pipes for transport is more efficient and simpler than flanged ends.” 

Impressively, the mechanical connections for HDPE pipe are designed retain over 70 per cent normal pull-able strength, while retaining 95 per cent ductility of the pipe and 100 per cent flow capacity. Additionally, the connections feature leak-free O-ring seals and are resistant to corrosion and UV resistance of HDPE. No metallic components! 

The innovative design of the B-Tech Connections™ allows the rapid make up of threaded connections with two-to-three rotations, which results in quicker connections in the field. Such connections have been lab tested to hold up to 16,100 kg of pulling force. Likewise, water pressure testing of SDR9 at 12-inches achieved 375psi internal water pressure  

For pipes with larger diameter and lengths, the combination of threaded and push together fittings (all-in-one) allows for a 360° rotating connection for increased ease of connections of larger and longer pipes with no need to rotate the entire spool of large and long pipes simply turn the connection.  

“Either permanently locked or temporarily installed, connections are water-tight with a broad range of applications in trenchless and non-trenchless applications,” says Bentink.  

“Pull-ability of connections exceed 70 per cent of virgin pipe strength while retaining the normal flexibility of HDPE pipe. Connections can be applied to a wide range of pipe sizes and wall thicknesses. Transitions to other pipe materials and connection methods such as Flanges can also be provided to ease with compatibility issues.”  

In confined space applications, work crews save time and resources in comparison to when utilising other time-consuming connection techniques of bulky mechanical methods. In the time it takes to make up 1 bolt on a flange, B-Tech can be fully connected.

This improves safety and drastically reduces time spent establishing connections and the equipment required to do so safely in restricted spaces.  

While the butt fusion of short segments of pipe is typically difficult and time consuming in confined spaces, the B-Tech Connections™ can be readily supplied in short spools to 914 mm or they can be pre-fused to any length of pipe to produce custom length spools, allowing for quick and easy installation no matter how tight the space.  

The long-life span and fast assembly times makes the B-Tech Connections™ method not only cost-effective but efficient for any HDPE projects or applications. Proving that ISC Services is continuing to help develop innovative technologies and solutions within the industry.

For more information visit ISC Services.

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 


KOR introduces spare parts

Consolidating KOR’s existing pre-delivery, servicing, and spare parts locations into one site, was an important consideration for the executive team when planning to accommodate customer requirements and future growth.

Importantly, distribution capability will increase, and further reductions in delivery times made as the facility is strategically positioned next to major freeway arteries for faster transport times. Receival from OEMs and parts dispatch to other KOR and customer sites is managed through this centralised location

KOR’s recent agreements with key US part suppliers – brush heads from the Alamo Group and sewer hoses from Piranha – means the purpose designed and built space of over 750m2 is now a dedicated home to over 10,000 individual spare parts for Cappellotto industrial vacuum trucks & Schwarze sweepers.

A pick, pack and dispatch capability are facilitated by a new inventory management system that delivers higher accuracy and faster stock sorting. KOR is continuing to develop new processes and innovate to ensure industry best practices are in place to meet increased market demands.

Spare parts are also distributed to KOR branch offices in NSW, Queensland, WA and SA and also to Hamilton in New Zealand which will deliver quicker customer turnaround times. The KOR mobile service vans, which are currently operating in Victoria, will soon enter the NSW market followed by QLD later in the year, are also fully equipped with a range of spare parts

This means, that whether customers Cappellotto or Schwarze trucks are serviced in-house or by the mobile service vans, KOR’s qualified technicians will always be able to replace any parts carried in stock on the vans. Getting customers trucks back operating as quickly as possible and reducing downtime is a priority.

The spare parts and support team also assemble pre-delivery accessory packs that are ready to accompany any new purchases of both Cappellotto and Schwarze equipment.

Besides spare parts, KOR also stock a range of quality OEM accessories kept onsite that includes Keg & Duebre nozzle ranges, Uraca water pumps, a range of jetting and vacuum hoses, TST high pressure safety equipment, Vanguard sewer equipment and sanitation tool, and Southland tools equipment.

 There is no doubt that with the investment made in having a contemporary Operations and Engineering Centre inclusive of a national parts warehouse that KOR will continue to drive continuous improvement and excellence in customer service to keep operations running.

For more information visit KOR.

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

Adept Civil

Adept leads the way with water and sewer upgrade at Thomas Embling Hospital

Thomas Embling Hospital is a high-security forensic mental health hospital located in Fairfield, Victoria. It is currently undergoing a $349.6 million expansion, and these upgrades are being conducted on behalf of Forensicare, Victoria’s leading provider of mental healthcare.

Shortly after the Andrews government announced the expansion plans for the hospital in 2021, Adept was awarded the sewer upgrade project. The company was chosen based on its experience carrying out similar projects, specifically those that require a high degree of consideration for community safety.

Adept will use its microtunnelling machine to install 250 metres of sewer. This installation process will involve constructing four maintenance chambers that are 10 metres in depth. The company will also install 1.6 kilometres of dual DN180 watermain in order to upgrade the water supply to service the entire site.

Like many of Adept’s other projects, the company described the upgrade works as “high risk” and “extremely challenging”. 

In fact, a significant amount of technical consideration has gone into the project’s planning. According to the company’s business development manager, Quentin Powell, the equipment and machinery that are being used were chosen on the basis of minimising risk.

“Microtunnelling is difficult at the best of times especially when drilling in hard rock in excess of 200 MPA,” Powell says. “The vermeer axis machine was suitable for this project as it provides a fully enclosed bore whilst boring, as the drilling rods are the similar diameter as the tri-cone boring head limiting the chance of collapsing.

“Adept have been working closely with NSC Project Solutions, Aecom and Forensicare to deliver the project safely and efficiently.”

Adept is a civil contractor that specialises in water and sewerage drainage pipelines, pump stations and associated services for Melbourne water boards and tier one Victorian contractors. It has worked across a number of projects in the state, including early works on the metro tunnel, the Seaford Road level crossing removal, and the West Gate tunnel sewer relocation.

Due to its industry expertise, Adept has a history of taking on some of the most challenging and risky projects; however, the company also has a reputation for being committed to safety. Adept makes safety a priority on every project it works on, and it is currently working towards a goal of zero workplace injuries. Adept provides thorough in-house training to all employees and engaging in careful site management strategies.

Adept is currently an accredited contractor with Greater Western Water, Yarra Valley Water, South East Water and Melbourne Water. It is also a member of Civil Contractors Federation Victoria Branch (CCF VIC) and is fully accredited with Vicroads.

For more information visit Adept Civil

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 

PEF Commercial Finance

PEF Commercial Finance’s three steps to trenchless asset funding

The Melbourne-based finance brokering service’s main focus is to provide hassle free business finance solutions to clients and secure approvals quickly and conveniently.

Appreciating the importance of getting the deal secure for the client in a timely fashion, the first step they take is understanding and identifying the client’s needs.

Finance Broker Theo Robotis has over 30 years’ experience in the financial service world and has been with PEF Commercial Finance for the last 10 years. Theo knows the challenges customers in the trenchless and resources industry face when it comes to securing asset funding. 

“Today’s business world has varying business structures,” he says. “They trade from sole traders, partnerships, companies, trading entities, trusts – all sorts of variances or combinations.” 

One of the key differences in dealing with PEF Commercial Finance is that they take all the hassle out of your application by coordinating, organising and compiling your documents for delivery along with any other required materials. They then arrange the final sign-up immediately so that you, the client, can enjoy use of your new business equipment or vehicle as soon as possible.

The company strives to ensure business loans and finances are easy with their simple three step process. 

The first step is identifying the purchase, which includes pin-pointing the equipment or assets for which the client requires business finance or a loan for. 

“We work with the client to really understand who they are, and how they operate, so that we can narrow down which lending options or which financing solutions are going to be worthwhile,” Theo says. 

“This may be deciding on the exact make and model of the equipment, assets, cars or other types of vehicles, the approximate purchase or lease prices, the source of the equipment being the supplier. An evaluation of the equipment prepared by a valuer may also help.” 

 The second step is to apply for pre-approval. “We (at PEF Commercial Finance) obtain the purchase information from the client and based on our discussions to date, work out the best approach to the business loan and finance application.” 

“We may ask for preliminary summary of financials, depending on the goods and amounts to be financed,” Theo says. 

The third and final step – finalisation and settlement.

“We may be able to obtain an approval for larger amounts which can come in useful for funding future purchases or leases or other business loan applications,” says Theo. 

“Once approval is obtained, we will do the preparation work to compile all documentation and loan contracts for your approval and signature. We will take care of finalising the settlement and paying for the equipment or vehicles.”

Trust is one of the key attributes PEF Commercial Finance has built its business on due to there being a lot of technical and financial information being passed across to the banks on behalf of clients. Theo stated this is a result of the us (PEF) knowing who the banks are that lend to these specific areas and knowing the products and how it’s applied to people’s businesses. 

“We deal with the largest and most reliable financiers, lenders, banks, and credit providers. We understand and implement the process on a daily basis through which we have regular dealings with decision makers,” he says. 

“We work towards streamlining it all for everybody and it is a big hurdle that we’ve got to get over because, as I see it, the banks are sometimes a bit detached from the reality of the small business owner, the guy on the street, or the guy on the building site. 

“So, we’ve got to put it to them, we have got to make them (the banks and lenders) comfortable around what they’re lending against, because that is the bank’s money, and they’ve got to make sure that it goes to the right hands at the right time.” 

At PEF Commercial Finance, another aspect of the service customers can expect is when they lock in repayments for their asset finance, the current interest rate is not going to change. 

“In a time where the interest rates have been moving around, at PEF Commercial Finance, we want to stress that these are commercial agreements, and once we secure a deal, that’s signed, and commenced, the interest rate will not change for our client for the next three-to-five years, or in some instances seven years, depending on their contract,” Theo says. 

When dealing with PEF Commercial Finance you can be assured that as your commercial finance broker, it will provide personalised, efficient and friendly service throughout the entire process from the initial consultation and application to settlement and finalisation.

For more information visit PEF Commercial Finance. 

This article featured in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia. 


New GRUNDODRILL in the spotlight at No-Dig

The arrival of these machines has been years, if not decades in the making, and represents a landmark step forward in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) engineering. TRACTO-TECHNIK’s products are constantly being refined based on end user feedback, and the new range of GRUNDODRILL fluid-assisted and rock drilling machines are the ultimate reflection of this ideology.

Consisting of six machines with performance ratings between 60 and 280 kN, the rigs in the xCS range can be adapted to be used as a Jet Condition System (JCS) for excavating in conventional soils with normal rods, or as an All Condition System (ACS) using twin-tube rods to navigate through rock.

The customisable and adaptable nature of the machines is the result of years of research and development at TRACTO’s headquarters in Lennestadt, Germany, where the machines are also manufactured, using best-in-class processes and materials, before being shipped around the world, including to Australia and New Zealand. 

Taking centre stage

After making the more than 15,000 km journey from the manufacturing hub in Germany to Australia, one of the new GRUNDODRILLs will take centre stage on TRACTO’s 54 m2 exhibition stand at No-Dig Down Under. Having the machine on display gives contractors the opportunity to see the rig and its features up close, as well as speak to the company’s team who provide clients with support and servicing capabilities for the life of the asset.

TRACTO will also have a number of interactive installations on site, demonstrating how the machine functions and is controlled. This illustrates how the machines have been designed to keep the complex and unique demands of the HDD process front of mind, making them adaptable, versatile and efficient.

As a result of the modular design, the GRUNDODRILLs can be configured to the specifications or restrictions of the market in which they’re operating. This includes numerous options for customisation according to application and comfort.

The majority of all rig functions are controlled via a centralised touch screen while integrated cameras give the user 360° visibility of the rig from the comfort of the refined cabin. This enables ergonomic conditions for the user, limits fatigue and frees them up to focus on the task at hand: drilling. 

Remote-controlled drilling is also possible with the new machines, with operations conveniently controlled and monitored from outside the operator’s cabin using a specially designed remote-control unit. In combination with the intelligent cameras, this allows for the full control of the entire drilling rig.

The 130JCS/ACS features a Cummins Tier V engine, equipped with variable torque and speed adjustment for maximum rotational performance and productivity. In addition, the machines are capable of fully automatic drilling operations, including drill rod exchange.

The machines’ performance and customisation are also backed up by TRACTO’s range of high-quality mixing systems, meaning the machines can operate for longer periods without disruption.

Digging in

A number of contractors in the region are the first to use these new GRUNDODRILLS and are already reaping the benefits of the additional power and functionality. As with all TRACTO machines, they are also supported by the best servicing, spare parts and training the industry has become accustomed to from the company. 

The company considers itself “more than a dealer” and has a goal to create and maintain meaningful and lasting relationships with its clients. This includes guiding customers through all stages of the product process, from purchase to training and after-sales support, as well as giving clients access to technical and engineering support in real time. 

“If you’re a drilling or construction contractor looking to improve efficiency and performance on the job site, visiting us at No-Dig is an opportunity to see these machines up close and personal,” says TRACTO Australia Managing Director Jeff Rose.

“There’s a handful of contractors who have already taken delivery of the new GRUNDODRILL. With stock available on the ground at our Queensland head office ready to be delivered, there are opportunities to join them.

“Make sure you visit stand 50, meet our team and learn more about how this machine is shaking things up.”

For more information visit TRACTO-TECHNIK. 

This article feature in the June edition of Trenchless Australasia.