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Bacchus Marsh network upgrades complete

The $20 million works include an upgraded sewer pump station, a new sewer pipeline and two new water pipelines with most of the projects completed in the past month. 

GWW General Manager Growth and Infrastructure Amanda Smith said with the local population projected to double to 46,000 in the next 20 years, this investment will ensure the network can meet demands for services for many years to come. 

“It ensures GWW can meet the demand for sewerage services for at least the next 15 years,” said Ms Smith.

“These projects have been safely delivered under COVIDSafe settings, demonstrating the concerted efforts of staff and contractors.”

Works included $6.7 million upgrade to the Grant Street Sewer Pump Station, $9.2 million in 8 km of sewer pipeline from Peelmans Lane to the Bacchus Marsh Recycled Water Plant, and $3.4 million on a duplicate sewer pipeline from Holts Lane to the Avenue of Honour.

These are only a few of the major projects that have been under development and construction across the service area. 

For more information visit the Greater Western Water website. 

An asset to industry

Its Registered Training Organisation, Asset Training, is dedicated to providing specific training in wastewater management and industrial maintenance services.

Asset Training is fully equipped to deliver its training courses Australia-wide.

All trainers are experienced with VET accreditation and a passion for providing exceptional and comprehensive training with hopes of improving the wastewater management and industrial maintenance services on offer throughout Australia. 

Courses on offer cover a wide range of skill and experience levels, and all include both theoretical and practical delivery and assessments.

Asset Training is committed to constantly developing new industry-specific training, and its dedication to quality has not gone unnoticed, with its new Online High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ) Course nominated for the 2020 Hunter Safety Award for Best WHS Training Course, while one of its trainers, Holly Tonner, was nominated for Young WHS Leader of the Year. 

The HPWJ Course has form in this area, having taken out the award in 2019.

Holly Tonner was nominated for the 2020 Hunter Safety Awards Young WHS Leader of the Year.

New additions and key courses

Asset Training is now offering a new Online HPWJ Refresher Course, which is the first of its kind in Australia.

The course uses the MSMWJ301 ‘Operate a high-pressure water jetting system’ to assess the competency knowledge of the HPWJ operator.

The operator is then practically assessed through document and video submissions and if successful is re-certified as competent to their operator status.

Asset Training is also offering its Confined Space courses at its new Confined Space training facility.

The Confined Space Entry course is designed to provide the participants with the competencies required to remove or minimise risks in the workplace associated with confined space person entry.

Asset Training’s CCTV Conduit Inspector training has quickly become a necessity and utility prerequisite, as it provides students with the knowledge and skills expected of a qualified CCTV operator or supervisor undertaking conduit inspections and reporting on the condition of conduits in Australia.

A student will be given an introduction to conduit inspection software, shown how to perform a thorough CCTV conduit inspection survey and prepare associated conduit condition reports.

This course can be attended by CCTV field managers and operators who require the highest understanding of the sewer and stormwater conduit inspection evaluation process, or any person who is responsible for evaluating, inspecting, reporting, or is associated with conduit/asset management, inspection or construction. 

Asset Training has the latest equipment and software available for delivery of this training, ensuring all students are up to date with the latest industry knowledge, methods and technology.

Aqua Assets

Outside of its training centre, parent company Aqua Assets is a major industry name in its own right, providing fully compliant CCTV stormwater and sewer pipeline/conduit inspections as well as full asset service from water jet cleaning, vacuum loading, clearing root cutting, high pressure water flex cleaning, cold cutting, pipeline rehabilitation, civil works and turnkey project management.

Aqua Assets will often follow up with a post-works CCTV inspection and report, as this pre and post reporting helps identify maintenance and repair needs, as well as confirm the completion of any rehabilitation works.

The company recently celebrated the arrival of its first Hi Rail Combination truck, a vehicle perfect for drain cleaning, NDD, vacuuming and more which is available specifically for the rail industry.

The company has been in business for more than two decades and some of its staff have been in the industry for more than 40 years, giving Aqua Assets an edge in expertise.

The company also holds complete plumbing drainage and gas fitting contractor licences.

For more information visit the Aqua Assets website.

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Byron Bay plans $1.4m network upgrade

The Byron Shire Council has provided a $1.4 million grant from the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program to upgrade Byron Bay’s stormwater drainage network.  

The network covers across Lighthouse Road, Paterson Street and Kipling Street.  

“We are very excited to be delivering these critical works, which include the construction of kerb and gutter and underground stormwater drainage on Lighthouse Road,” said Byron Shire Council Director of Infrastructure Services Phil Holloway. 

These works will reduce stormwater runoff that currently impacts Clarkes Beach, mitigating the impact to the environment.  

Mr Holloway said that once upgraded, the stormwater network will capture, detain and that runoff from the roads and surrounding properties.  

The works are commencing on 9 August and are expected to take four months to complete.  

For more information visit the Byron Shire Council website 



Primus Line breathes new life into historic trunk main in Brisbane

Earlier this year, Urban Utilities completed a multi-million-dollar rehabilitation project on this 130-year-old pipeline.

With the use of the trenchless technology Primus Line®, the project is expected to extend the life of the pipeline by at least 50 years, providing an economical solution with minimal impacts to traffic and nearby businesses and residents. 

The Ann Street pipeline is a cement-lined, cast iron pipe, and helps to supply water to the city centre and the inner-city suburbs.

During the morning and evening peak consumption periods, about 500 L of water per second flows through the pipe. 

Thousands of vehicles a day roll along the four-lane road, which is one of the busiest roads in Brisbane’s central business district, and businesses and bus stops line the traffic route. 

Replacing water mains in heavily congested urban environments can be a costly and disruptive process, so in this case trenchless technology was the key to success.

Given the location of the pipe, Primus Line was chosen as it could pass through several bends in the pipe and be installed using a few small pits, to minimise the impact on traffic. 


As Primus Line is a flexible stand-alone pipeline, which is installed with an annulus gap, it can withstand the operating pressures of the water main, but not the external loads from the traffic on the road above. 

The project at Ann Street was preceded by a detailed condition assessment of the host pipe and economic evaluation in order to ensure the existing pipeline could withstand external loads in the future.

The results showed that the pipeline had sufficient load bearing capacity to allow the use of a semi-structural lining system such as Primus Line for the desired service life of at least 50 years. 

The perfect choice 

Due to its unique three-layer structure, the Primus Liner combines flexibility with extremely high material strength.

As a self-supporting pressure pipe liner independent of the old pipe, it absorbs the entire operating pressure, while the old pipe merely functions as a conduit. 

In accordance with ISO 11295, Primus Line is an independent pressure pipe liner capable on its own of resisting without failure all internal loads throughout its design life.

It has the ability to negotiate bends of up to 45 degrees, allows for seasonal movement of the pipeline and ensures the required operating pressure of up to 11.3 bar. 

Despite the reduction in cross-section of the DN 600 pipe, flow calculations showed the client that the installation of a Primus Line DN 500, with its low friction coefficient of only 0.028, would still provide the required flow. 

Before the start of the project, a large- scale trial with a length of 350 m was carried out with the Primus Line system – developed and produced in Germany.

In a single day, the pre-folded liner was pulled into the 350 m field trial section of the Ann Street trunk main, formed into its circular shape with compressed air and successfully connected to the pipeline network.

Start of the major project 

The successful completion of the trial allowed for the commencement of the Ann Street project, where detailed design and construction planning was performed in 2019 by Urban Utilities.

Small excavations are
sufficient for the installation.

The initial stages of the project also involved cleaning and prepping the existing pipe to make it suitable for installing the liner, while the installation phase began in mid-2020 and was completed in early 2021. 

Most of the work took place at night and the small construction pits were closed during the day with large steel plates, to allow traffic to continue to flow.

The entire project was carried out by Urban Utilities’ own workforce, and the company had previously installed Primus Line on other rehabilitation projects in its service region. 

Urban Utilities had engaged Primus Line to provide training to its team, and kept the required necessary tools and spare parts in stock to perform Primus Line installations and possible repairs and maintenance in-house. 

The Primus Line team provided engineering support and accompanied the beginning of the measure with a supervisor.

Four installation sections were necessary to rehabilitate the 2.2 km long pipeline section, with the Primus Line system DN 500 PN 16 used to rehabilitate the DN 600 water pipeline.

Primus Line delivered the four liner sections pre-folded in a U-shape and wound onto drums.

The liner insertion into the old pipe was done with a winch and in the process passed through some additional smaller intermedia pits to reinstate valves and offtakes.

The liner was pulled through these pits and cut afterwards to install the Primus Line connectors and the necessary valves and t-pieces 

Special DN 500 connectors with a DN 600 flange were used to ensure the connection to the flange on the host pipe while keeping the pits as small as possible. 

A pressure test concluded the successful installation before the main was disinfected and returned to operation.

For more information visit the Primus Line website.

This article was featured in the June 2021 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

Quick-Lock remains key to pipe repair

For structural, trenchless pipe repair, the company offers the Quick-Lock solution.

The Quick-Lock system has revolutionised sewer rehabilitation through its wide range of applications and strong reliability.

Using heavy-gauge 316 stainless steel with infiltration abatement with an EPDM rubber gasket, the Quick-Lock system seals and stabilises damage completely by mechanical means, removing the need for chemicals and making it suitable for all pipe materials.

The patented locking system ensures that the sleeve stays permanently in position and, after rehabilitation, the sleeve has its own static capability and absorbs the natural tectonic movements of the pipe. 

The system can be used for standalone permanent point repair, or for pre-lining stabilisation works including high groundwater infiltration.

Quick-Lock sleeves restore a pipe’s structural integrity and seal out groundwater, and they are carefully designed to minimise diameter loss and outlast any other rehab.

For larger pipes, SECA offers the Quick-Lock BIG sleeve, which permanently seals leaking pipe joints, radial cracks, and longitudinal cracks in large pipes and manholes of DN800 and larger.

The BIG sleeves are 20 cm wide, and the system is made from V4A stainless steel of grade 1.4404 (AISI 316L) and an EPDM compression seal. 

These materials are permanently resistant in municipal wastewater systems, while their suitability must be ascertained for use in industrial or polluted wastewater.

Out in the field

SureSearch has more than 20 years of operating experience as a company, providing all aspects of utility investigative works, including location, non-destructive excavation, utility survey, mapping and clash detection, CCTV inspections, drain cleaning and pipe rehabilitation offers. 

SureSearch Sales and Development Manager Calyn Wilkinson said the company was relatively new to the pipe rehabilitation sector and felt using the Quick-Lock system was a good way of entering the market. 

“SureSearch has used the Quick-Lock system for both sewer and storm water rehabilitation,” he said. 

“It has been used for sealing joints, holes and also infiltration through cracks.

“Due to the fast installation time and no curing of material, it has a great advantage over the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) method. 

“More installations can be achieved in a shift and if traffic control is required then this limits the amount of money spent on traffic control shifts.”

Quick-Lock end caps strengthen a CIPP liner at its most vulnerable points—the ends.

This mechanical solution prevents liner and host pipe infiltration or exfiltration for the lifetime of a close fit liner. 

It is particularly most effective on EX, spiral, and UV cured liners, and it is stronger and easier to install than other end caps, making them highly beneficial on any long-term watertight lining project.

Quick-Lock systems can be purchased from SECA’s warehouses or from SECA’s nationwide sales representatives.

For more information visit the SECA website. 

This article was featured in the June 2021 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

Auckland city skyline

Watercare outlines NZ$18.5b plan

Earlier this month, the company released its Asset Management Plan (2021-2041) which outlines how Watercare will deliver new water sources and infrastructure, as well as renew and expand its wastewater network, to cater for Auckland’s expanding population.

The city is anticipated to have approximately 476,000 more residents over the coming 20 years and Watercare Chief Executive Jon Lamonte said it was important to continue to support the changes in a climate-resilient way.

“We have a colossal job to do to ensure we can continue to provide top quality drinking water to all of our customers and safely treat our region’s wastewater while adapting to the changing climate.
“While our population grows, industry does too,” he said.

“Auckland is already home to two-thirds of the country’s food and beverage manufacturers – two sectors for which water is vital – so ensuring we can support growth in these industries with a secure water supply is important for the wider economy.”

Mr Lamonte said the total investment averaged out to NZ$2.5 million ($2.37 million) per day, and there was no shortage of work to undertake.

“If consent is granted, we plan to progressively expand our new treatment plant near Tuakau until it can treat up to 150 million L a day.

“To put that volume in perspective, that’s more than what we can get from all five of our Waitākere dams,” he said.

“We’ll also need a new pipeline to carry this water to the city and increase our system’s resilience.”

Click here to read a copy of the plan.

For more information visit the Watercare website.

View the latest trenchless technology tenders

View the latest trenchless technology tenders

Sewer Main Renewals Program 2021/22
Issued by: Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water Corporation
Closing Date: 27 July 2021
Location: Victoria
Description: Tenders are invited for the Sewer Main Renewals Program 2021/22. This Contract includes sewer main relining works located across GWMWater’s operational region, with the scope of works as follows: Relining of approximately 9,564 m of mains, ranging in size from 100 mm to 375 mm diameter. 

Sydney Gateway, Stages 1 & 3 – underbore and HDD
Issued by: John Holland Pty Ltd & Seymour Whyte Construction Pty Ltd
Closing Date: 01 September 2021
Location: New South Wales
Description: Perform underbore and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) works including supply of conduits/sleeves.

PSA supply and delivery of under road boring services
Issued by: Livingstone Shire Council
Closing Date: 04 August 2021
Location: Queensland
Description: Livingstone Shire Council is seeking to source suitably qualified contractors to perform horizontal directional drilling services in urban and residential areas at various council sites throughout the Livingstone Shire who are qualified and capable of services as detailed in the specification for its Provide Preferred Supplier Arrangement (PSA) Supply and Delivery of Under Road Boring Services requirements.

San Remo Basin to Cowes 648 Pipeline Valve Renewal Project
Issued by: Westernport Water
Closing Date: 04 August 2021
Location: New South Wales
Description: Westernport Water is seeking tenders from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for the provision of replacing multiple valves and pipe segments along the 648 pipeline between San Remo Basin and Cowes according to the drawings. 

Large diameter pipe structural sewer lining
Issued by: Hunter Water Corporation
Closing Date: 29 July 2021
Location: New South Wales
Description The work under this contract includes but is not limited to design, supply, installation, construction, and testing of structural lining systems for the full length between maintenance holes unless noted otherwise. All work is to be undertaken with as little disruption as possible to the operation of the principals sewer system and to its customers.

Drainage renewal and floodway construction works
Issued by: Isaac Regional Council
Closing Date: 23 July 2021
Location: Queensland
Description: Isaac Regional Council invites tenders for Drainage Renewal and Floodway Construction Works. The individual sites which are to be tendered:

  1. Dysart_Clermont_Road
  2. May_Downs_Carfax_Road
  3. Barmount_Road
  4. Wiatara_Road
  5. Palmerston Road

Each fortnight, the Trenchless Australasia e-newsletter includes a list of tenders relevant to no-dig contractors, suppliers and manufacturers.  

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For more tender information visit the Australian Tenders website

WATCH: Water main renewal time lapse

CWW said Interflow’s renewal on Collins Street took more than 13 weeks to complete, with works undertaken at night.

“As the city slept, our crews were out undertaking these vital works to ensure a safe and secure water supply for residents, office workers, local traders, and visitors to Melbourne’s CBD,” said CWW in a social media post.
“Now we have finished Collins Street, we will be moving to Bourke Street where our delivery partners Downer will be starting the water main renewal between Meyers and Exhibition Street.”

On 1 July, CWW combined with Western Water to form Greater Western Water.

The new entity was formed in order to create an organisation with the financial resources and staff to cope with the region’s population growth and demand for new infrastructure, while also reducing household water bills.

For more information visit the Greater Western Water website.


ASTT Award nominations closing soon

Presented as part No-Dig Down Under’s ASTT Gala Dinner and Awards Evening, sponsored by Bothar Boring & Tunnelling, the awards recognise innovation, advancements in technology and environmental benefits within projects, as well as outstanding individuals from across the trenchless industry.

Nominations are now open in the following categories:

  • Rehabilitation Project of the Year
  • New Installation Project of the Year
  • New Technology: Machine, Tool, Material, System or Technique
  • Menno Henneveld ASTT Person of the Year
  • Young Person of the Year

Click here to submit a nomination.

For more information visit the No-Dig Down Under website.

View the latest trenchless technology tenders

View the latest trenchless technology tenders

Provision of Beaufort WWTP Class B Recycled Water Scheme – Transfer Pipeline
Issued by: Central Highlands Water
Closing Date: 09 July 2021
Location: Victoria
Description: Supply and construct approximately 3 km of pipeline, installation of tanks and dam relining works at Beaufort within the CHW service area. 

Water main replacement
Issued by: Upper Hunter Shire Council
Closing Date: 27 July 2021
Location: New South Wales
Description: Design and construct new and replacement water mains and water service connections for Aberdeen, Scone, Merriwa, and Murrurundi. The work involves approximately 5 km of water main ranging in size between DN100 to DN250 within urban areas of these towns. 

Princes Highway East Duplication – Traralgon to Sale (Stage 3) – Kilmany Section – Civil Packages
Issued by: Laing O’Rourke Australia Construction Pty Ltd}
Closing Date: 06 July 2021
Location:  Victoria
Description: Civil packages include:

  • Tree Clearing Works
  • Boundary Fencing S&I
  • Demolition Works
  • Main Earthworks
  • Hardstand Install
  • Earthworks Structures
  • Main Drainage Install
  • Subsoil Drainage Install
  • SRW Pipe Jacking
  • Pavement Construction
  • Asphalt Supply & Install
  • Spray Seal
  • Supply & Install Barriers
  • Soft Landscaping
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Earthworks testing
  • Lime Stabilisation
  • Kerb & Channel Install

Old Surrey Road Stormwater Main
Issued by: Burnie City Council
Closing Date: 23 July 2021
Location: Tasmania
Description: Burnie City Council is seeking tenders for the construction of the 1-17 Old Surrey Road Stormwater Main.

The Contract includes, but is not limited to, all works necessary to install a new stormwater main from Wattle Avenue to 17 Old Surrey Road, Emu Heights. This work will involve horizontal directional drilling over the majority of the pipes 238 m length. 

Euroa Sewer Rising Main Replacement Stage 1
Issued by: Goulburn Valley Water
Closing Date: 20 July 2021
Location: Victoria
Description: All GVW Contractors who tender for work with a total of 100k or more will be required to have a third party certified safety system eg AS/NZS 4801:2001. The works of this contract comprise the construction of the Euroa Sewer Rising Main Stage 1 Replacement and associated works as shown on the drawings accompanying this specification. The scope of works includes the provision of all equipment plant, materials, labour and skills necessary for the satisfactory completion of the works within the required timeframe. 

Material Supply – Thanowring Rd Trunk Main Replacement
Issued by: Goldenfields Water County Council
Closing Date: 14 July 2021
Location: New South Wales
Description: Goldenfields Water invites tenders from suitably qualified contractors to supply and deliver all pipes and fittings associated with the Thanowring Rd Trunk Main Replacement project, from Temora to Quades Lane, Ariah Park. The upgrade includes 30.7 km of 250 mm Dia. PVC-O PN16, and 9.8 km of 250 mm Dia. PVC-O PN16, and associated DICL fittings.

Any person willing to fulfil the requirements of the proposed contract is invited to submit a tender to Goldenfields Water by 2.00pm on Wednesday 14 July 2021.

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