Seqwater replacing bulk water pipeline

A leak in the pipeline was discovered under the mudflats of MacLeay Island in May, with the Seqwater team mobilising to site immediately to begin investigations.  

“Seqwater has been monitoring the situation around the clock to ensure the leak does not cause water disruption for the community,” said Seqwater Chief Operating Officer Stuart Cassie. 

“The water pressure within the pipeline remains strong, which means we are delivering on our promise to maintain supply to Macleay Island.  

“All residents can continue their normal water use at this time.” 

Mr Cassie said with drilling investigations now complete, the team will drill a hole suitable for a new 400 mm pipeline to be installed.  

Seqwater will temporarily turn off water supply to both islands in order to switch to the new pipe. 

For more information visit the Seqwater website. 

No-Dig Down Under on track to be better than ever

Organised by Prime Creative Media in partnership with the Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT), No-Dig Down Under is the Southern Hemisphere’s only large scale conference and exhibition dedicated to trenchless technology.

ASTT President and Queensland Council Representative Ben Crosby said the conference is “a time for the industry to come together, to collaborate, share their achievements, their R&D, as well as see new and old colleagues and discuss the industry”.

“It’s a really good forum to learn about new products, learn about experiences on projects, see equipment used in the trade, and attend through the conference program technical exhibitions summarising trenchless projects, design, and the like.”

The trade show is one of the main focus of this multi-day event, where companies exhibit their products and projects and where speakers present formal technical papers.

“Then on top of that it’s a chance to collaborate with people in the industry, to connect with real industry people,” said Mr Crosby.

For those who might be new to trenchless technology, Mr Crosby said No-Dig is the ideal place to learn more.

“It’s a great place for anyone to come, learn, listen, and interact with people who are doing it every day.

“To really get that confidence and security that comes from very experienced and expert people in each and every field in this industry,” he said.

“You might be someone who’s junior and wants to get into the industry, up to someone contemplating a trenchless project, and it’s a great chance to connect and learn.

“You can speak to designers or manufacturers, suppliers or contractors, or get their perspectives on how they do it in our industry.”

The No-Dig conference also offers educational courses, as well as social events.

“If you want to brush up on your skills, your knowledge base, it’s a good environment – you can come along, enroll in the training the day before the conference starts, and get a lot out of industry experts teaching you elements of a process or application you wanted more information on.”

Of course, the prestigious Gala Dinner, which includes the announcement of the ASTT Award winners, is always one of the highlights of the event.

“It’s a way to make connections after you’ve had a chance as a delegate or participant at the conference to move around the trade hall,” said Mr Crosby.

“You’ve attended some technical presentations, maybe a training course, and can meet with the people in this industry to discuss successes, challenges, or just find out about their products at a more social 1-on-1 level.

 “One of the most important things about this event is the ability to have people come out and collaborate in a post-covid world,” he said.

“There’s been a void in all our lives thanks to covid so we really encourage people to come along and get the best out of all these industry people being in one place at one time.”

For more information visit the No-Dig Down Under website.

ISTT to hold lateral sewer repair webinar

Entitled Repair of lateral sewers and lateral connections – comparison of techniques and quality assurance and presented by Dr Iain Naismith and Serdar Ulutaş, the webinar will highlight the lessons learned from 1:1 scale evaluation of the performance of technologies available for the repair of lateral sewers, particularly the use of patch repairs, and repair of lateral connections. 

Read more

South East Water celebrates reconciliation after completion of major sewer project

The utility gathered at Ranelagh Beach in Mount Eliza with the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation (BLCAC) and Mount Eliza Association for Environmental Care (MEAFC) to heal Country last month.

South East Water worked closely with BLCAC from the beginning of the renewal project, understanding the high cultural sensitivity of the site for the Traditional Bunurong Owners.

A smoking ceremony and planting activity signalled the completion of a major sewer pipe renewal project at the site.

The three organisations came together to plant more than 1,500 native plants sourced from the Willum Warrain Aboriginal Gathering Place, Seawinds Volunteer Nursery and Advance Nursery.

South East Water Managing Director Lara Olsen said the event was a great way to complete the sewer renewal project, and to celebrate the opportunity with Traditional Owners to work together on projects like this.

“We do our best to reduce our impact on the environment wherever we can, but where our works do have an impact, it’s really important that we heal Country by revegetating parts of this coastal environment,” she said.

“While we regularly engage Traditional Owner groups whenever our works may impact a culturally sensitive site, this project is a great example of how we can do more than just engage or consult our Traditional Owners.

“We can co-create projects together that recognise and celebrate the history of the land in which we operate.”

To acknowledge the cultural significance of the site, South East Water also engaged BLCAC CEO Dan Turnbull to engrave Aboriginal designs onto eight marker posts to tell the story of the area.

The artwork on each post took between 14 and 25 hours to complete.

South East Water sought approval from a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) from BLCAC to undertake the work.

South East Water also worked with an archaeologist and BLCAC representatives to salvage shell midden material and artefacts at the site that were uncovered during the works.

Mr Turnbull shared the stories of the marker posts with those present on the day, which represent Bunurong tradition and culture. 

“It was great working with South East Water. This project is a really special one because this place is of great significance to us and the relationship with South East water is a strong one, and it’s an important one for us,” he said.

Reconciliation Australia endorsed South East Water’s first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in October 2020.

The organisation’s RAP seeks to provide opportunities to create connections and build trust, respect, and understanding of First Nations history, and create employment and procurement opportunities for First Nations people.

For more information, visit the South East Water website.

Seqwater begins first stage of water pipe upgrade

The pipes supply water from the Mount Crosby Treatment Plant to Brisbane and Ipswich.

“Up to 60 per cent of the water supply for Brisbane and Ipswich passes through these valves every day, so this work is critical to the ongoing supply of safe drinking water for the region,” Queensland Minister for Water Glenn Butcher.

“The work will involve taking a 4 km section of the pipes at Barnes Hill offline temporarily to replace four valves which are reaching the end of their service life.”

Minister Butcher also stated Seqwater will begin carrying out the first stage of the work this weekend, where a trial will be carried out involving temporarily isolating pipes to carry out network checks to help plan the works.

Seqwater CEO Neil Brennan said Seqwater and Urban Utilities were working together to ensure water supply was maintained during the trial and valve replacement works.

“On average, around 400 million L of water flows through the pipes at Barnes Hill every day,” he said.

“We’ll be working with Urban Utilities to supply water from other parts of the network to minimise impacts for residents and businesses.”

Urban Utilities Spokesperson Michelle Cull said some properties in Brisbane and Ipswich may experience reduced or low water pressure during the trial and valve replacement works.

“It is also possible customers in some suburbs may notice their water has a different taste or smell as they will receive water from supply locations they don’t typically get water from during the trial and valve replacement works” she said.

“These changes will be temporary, and the water remains safe to drink.”

No homes or businesses should experience a loss of water during the trial or the valve replacement works.

Following the trial, a date will be set for the valve replacement project in July.

For more information visit the Seqwater website.

Adept Civil works nights in Melbourne

The work is part of a major project Adept is undertaking for CPB Contractors, with works taking place over a series of nightshifts while Melbourne is in lockdown due to a recent COVID-19 outbreak.  

Nightshift is the preferred option for work in this case as the company is connecting newly constructed water mains into the existing South East Water main system and this will help ensure there is no disruption to the utility’s customers or network. 

“A huge thanks to the Water Network team at South East Water and our team at Adept Civil Group, for the excellent planning into the coordination of shut downs and connections,” the company said in a social media post.  

“It is no coincidence that things are going to plan.” 

Polywelding Specialists were also enlisted to conduct welding for the project. 

Established in 1999, Adept Civil Group specialises in the supply and installation of water and sewerage drainage pipelines, pump stations and associated services for the Melbourne Metropolitan water boards and tier one contractors of Victoria. 

For more information visit the Adept Civil website.  

The way to go in WA

With a primary objective of protecting the new water main during operations, a lower profile kwik-ZIP spacer model was used – demonstrating the manufacturer’s versatility.  

kwik-ZIP® General Manager Paul Jeffreys said the project involved abandoned gas mains with numerous internal protrusions, such as joints and welds.  

Because of this, there was significant concern that the PE carrier pipes for the new water main could be scratched and damaged during the slip lining operations.  

However, thanks to kwik-ZIP’s wide range of spacer models, the lower profile HD-30 spacer was used on the project to help ensure the water main was protected.  

Mr Jeffreys said the curved bow spring design ensures PE carrier pipes can easily ride over any protrusions and therefore be protected from damage.  

“HD spacers are also fitted with grip pads to prevent spacers slipping on the carrier pipe during installation,” he said.  

While HDPE pipe manufacturers generally advise that HDPE pipe needs to be de-rated in regard to its pressure if scratches exceed 10 per cent of the wall thickness of the pipe, kwik-ZIP’s spacers negate such need thanks to the inbuilt flexibility.  

“This highlights the benefit of using kwik-ZIP spacers for slip lining applications both inside an enveloper, and in open boreholes,” said Mr Jeffreys. 

“The runners ensure that the pipe can’t make contact with the enveloper during and after installation.”  

Wide range of products and capabilities kwik-ZIP’s large array of spacers caters for a wide range of inner diameter and outer diameter combinations as well as providing flexibility to deal with various project requirements and alterations.  

Site Engineer Jo McAnulty for the WA water main project said the kwik-ZIP spacers were a great solution for slip lining, alleviating the risk of potential damage to the PE pipe during the process.  

“Thanks to PJ and the kwik-ZIP team for their excellent customer service, they were fantastic to deal with from start to finish and we’ll certainly keep them in mind for future projects.”  

In addition to their proven success on this project, kwik-ZIP’s spacers are also often used on metro tunnel works, rail crossings and pipeline duplication projects thanks to the simple and efficient installation process that does not require any tools.  

kwik-ZIP spacers have no metal parts and are made from the company’s engineered thermoplastic blend that is flexible, extremely tough and has a low co-efficient of friction. 

For further information on kwik-ZIP® products and to discuss specific project requirements please contact the team at 

This article was featured in the March 2021 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

View the latest trenchless technology tenders

View the latest trenchless technology tenders

Mitiamo Pipeline Project – solar system, Mitiamo Pump Station 
Issued by: Water Efficiency Project 
Closing date: 02 July 2021 
Location: Victoria 
Description: Goulburn Murray Water’s Mitiamo Pipeline Project invites tender submissions for a single contractor to complete the detailed design, supply, installation and commissioning for a new ground – mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) system and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at the existing Mitiamo Pipeline Pumping station. The site is located at Waranga Western Channel, Tennyson Road, Milloo and will be operational during design and construction of the solar system.  

Replacement of G3 sewer rising main 
Issued by: Griffith City Council 
Closing date: 10 June 2021 
Location: New South Wales 
Description: Griffith City Council is inviting tenders from suitably qualified contractors for the removal of the existing 300 mm cast iron sewer main and replacing it with a new 300 mm ductile iron in the exact same alignment.  

Nicholson Street Orbost water main relocation 
Issued by: East Gippsland Water 
Closing date: 25 June 2021 
Location:  Victoria 
Description: East Gippsland Water is investing in the future to improve services to our customers. As part of our program of works, tenders are invited for the following: CONTRACT NO. 1251/B Nicholson Street Orbost Watermain Relocation 

This contract is for the construction of a 55 m DN225 water pipeline along Nicholson St, Orbost between Scott St and Reed St and a 145m DN225 water pipeline along Nicholson St, Orbost between Stanley St and Gladstone St.  

Provision of Beaufort WWTP Class B Recycled Water Scheme – transfer pipeline 
Issued by: Central Highlands Water 
Closing date: 02 July 2021 
Location: New South Wales 
Description: Supply and construct approximately 3 km of pipeline, installation of tanks and dam relining works at Beaufort within the CHW service area  

Warragul Western Ring Main Stage 1 
Issued by: Gippsland Water 
Closing date: 01 July 2021 
Location: Victoria 
Description: This is a Lump Sum Contract, in the form of AS 4000-1997 (as amended) General Conditions of Contract, for the provision of all plant, labour, and material necessary for the site preparation works, construction, testing and commissioning of the Warragul Western Ring Main Stage 1 linking the Warragul South basin to the Drouin system on the western side of Warragul. 

Rehabilitation of sewer mains by in-situ relining 
Issued by: Tamworth Regional Council 
Closing date: 24 June 2021 
Location: New South Wales 
Description: Tamworth Regional Council (Council) is seeking tender submissions from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for Rehabilitation of Sewer Mains by In-Situ Relining works. The works to be executed under this Contract shall consist of all work associated with the pipe cleaning, CCTV inspection, design, manufacture, supply, delivery to site, installation, and testing of an acceptable sewer liner to the sewer mains as specified in the asset index and plans. The conduits to be rehabilitated are predominantly DN150 gravity mains with potential for some DN225 and DN300 gravity mains. 

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The information is provided by Australian Tenders, which is renowned for being an Australia-wide locally owned and operated tender notification service. 

Australian Tenders is also offering readers of Trenchless Australasia three months free on their subscription plans. 

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For more tender information visit the Australian Tenders website. 

SA Water installs new Murray Bridge water main

Adelaide water main replacement underway

Connecting into the existing water main at the Botanic Road/Hackney Road intersection, the new 750 mm diameter pipe will help supply drinking water to more than 160,000 SA Water customers. 

With preliminary works already complete, construction will continue throughout June and will involve the installation of pipe below the footpath to minimise the impact to road users and reduce reinstatement requirements.  

SA Water General Manager of Sustainable Infrastructure Amanda Lewry said any leaks or breaks in the main can disrupt water supply for the local community. 

“The current section of pipe experienced a significant break several years ago, and while repairs were successfully completed at the time, we took this as an opportunity to assess the pipe’s future reliability, and prioritised it for replacement this year,” she said. 

“The new pipes will be installed along a different underground route on Rundle Road and through a section of the Park Lands.  

“This enables safer and easier access for maintenance and minimal impact on native vegetation during construction. 

“Together with one of our major contract partners, McConnell Dowell/Diona JV, we’re committed to minimising any impacts to the community during construction, such as dust or noise caused by the use of heavy machinery and increased vehicle movement in and out of our worksite and equipment laydown area.” 

For more information visit the SA Water website.  

SA Water targets McLaren Vale main

Construction is expected to take around 10 days to complete, having begun at the back end of this month. 

SA Water General Manager of Sustainable Infrastructure Amanda Lewry said the installation was part of the utility’s four-year, $155 million water main management program. 

“While it’s difficult to completely stop water main leaks and breaks from occurring due to soil movement, weather and a variety of other environmental factors, we’re committed to proactively limiting their frequency and any potential impact on our customers,” she said. 

“We use PVC pipes for the majority of our water main replacement program, which are known for their better flexibility and resistance to movement, compared to fibro-cement. 

“With the new pipes having an approximate life span of up to 100 years, this project ensures we can keep providing our customers in McLaren Vale with safe, smart, reliable and affordable water services for years to come.” 

For more information visit the SA Water website. 

View the latest trenchless technology tenders

View the latest trenchless technology tenders

Rehabilitation of Sewer Mains, Cleaning, CCTV Inspections, Condition Assessment, Lining & Associated Works 
Issued by: Rockhampton Regional Council 
Closing Date: 09 June 2021 
Location: Queensland 
Description: Rockhampton Regional Council invites written offers for Tender 14558 – Rehabilitation of Sewer Mains, Cleaning, CCTV Inspections, Condition Assessment, Lining and Associated Works 

Before making a decision on the offers, Council may invite all persons who have submitted an offer to modify their offer to take account of a change in the specification.    

Design and construction of the Cullen Bullen Sewerage Treatment Plant 
Issued by: Lithgow City Council 
Closing Date: 17 June 2021 
Location: New South Wales 
Description: Council is seeking submissions from appropriately qualified and experienced Tenderers for the procurement of the design and construction of the Cullen Bullen Sewerage Treatment Plant. 

A more detailed brief of the extent of services required by Council is set out in Volume 3 of the specification of this tender document. 

The construction of Boothenba Road Intersection Upgrade – pressure sewer works 
Issued by: Dubbo Regional Council 
Closing Date: 06 June 2021 
Location:  New South Wales 
Description: Dubbo is a place that delivers quality of life to its residents and visitors, it is also a city with strong economic foundations. The city is located in the centre of NSW and it is undoubtedly the shopping capital of the west. Dubbo is a service City with a catchment population of in excess of 120,000 people encompassing a third of the area of NSW. 

Tenders are invited for T21-014 – The Construction of Boothenba Road Intersection Upgrade – Pressure Sewer Works. 

Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport advanced and enabling works: installation and commissioning of construction power 
Issued by: Sydney Metro 
Closing Date: 16 June 2021 
Location: New South Wales 
Description: Sydney Metro invites suitably experienced and qualified entities to tender for the installation and commissioning of construction power for the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport project 

Sydney Metro invites suitably experienced and appropriately qualified entities to tender for the installation and commissioning of construction power (the “Works”) for the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport project (the “Project”). 

Portland Canal Crossing – design and construction 
Issued by: Wannon Water 
Closing Date: 26 May 2021 
Location: Victoria 
Description: The overall objective of this contract is to design, procure, supply, install, construct, test and commission 2 pipelines of approximately 160 m length of high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) by Horizontal direction drilling (HDD) method. (Note other methods will be considered by the principal), under the Portland Canal and the various connections & scour flushing point details. 

Streetlight asset upgrade and general maintenance under a panel arrangement 
Issued by: Transport Canberra and City Services 
Closing Date: 31 May 2021 
Location: Australian Capital Territory 
Description: Tenderers are notified that the Streetlight Asset Upgrade and Maintenance Panel of Contractors RFT is expected to be advertised in mid/late May 2021 and that the prequalification status will be PI – Pole Installation, CIRR – Cable Installation and Road Reinstatement, TMI – Traffic Management Intersections. 

Applicants are notified early that they will need to be prequalified to the level of PI – Pole Installation, CIRR – Cable Installation and Road Reinstatement, TMI – Traffic Management Intersections as at date of close of tenders in order to be conforming. 

Each fortnight, the Trenchless Australasia e-newsletter includes a list of tenders relevant to no-dig contractors, suppliers and manufacturers.

The information is provided by Australian Tenders, which is renowned for being an Australia-wide locally owned and operated tender notification service.

Australian Tenders is also offering readers of Trenchless Australasia three months free on their subscription plans.

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Primus Line® advances in Australia

It goes without saying that infrastructure for water supply will always be relevant.  

However, much of this infrastructure is ageing, with leaking or even shut down pipes underlining the necessity for renovation.  

Usually, these pipes are renewed or revitalised by dig-and-replace, but over the past few years, utilities worldwide are looking more and more for trenchless solutions.  

The advantages are clear: shorter installation times, fewer impacts on the environment and reduced costs.  

Primus Line® – engineered and manufactured in Germany – is one of these solutions, consisting of a flexible, aramid-reinforced liner and special developed end fittings.  

Since Sydney Water undertook its first Primus Line project four years ago, nearly a dozen have followed, along with the projects for other utilities, councils and mining companies throughout Australia.  

These include Urban Utilities, Hunter Water, Unity Water and Shoalhaven City Council, to name just a few.  

Primus Line technology is currently the sole solution for the rehabilitation of pressure pipelines on Sydney Water’s list of products deemed to comply with pipeline rehabilitation.  

In cases of water spilling from damaged drinking water pipelines or sewage pressure lines in hard to access areas, such as beneath a creek, rapid response is essential.  

This is why some Australian pipeline operators already have Primus Line material on stock to present fast remedy in emergency cases, with Primus Line now found in even the most remote corners of Australia.  

In Cape Lambert, Western Australia, more than 1.5 km of drinking water pipelines have been rehabilitated using the product for Rio Tinto at a site of cultural heritage sensitivity.  

Other customers from the private sector, including Melbourne Airport, have already profited from the German trenchless renewal system, but Primus Line is used for more than just the rehabilitation of potable water mains – the range of completed projects extends to sewage pressure pipes, recycled water or raw water mains as well.  

Moreover, the Primus Line has been used on projects deemed nearly impossible. Examples include a 3-in-1 solution for Hunter Water (three Primus Liners DN 450 installed in a DN 900 pipe) and a vertical pipeline of more than 100 m for Sydney Water.  

To plan and calculate the projects, Primus Line relies on its in-house engineering team that gets to work immediately from project start, ensuring the Primus Line technology is the right product to carry out the job quickly and efficiently. 

For more information visit the Primus Line website.  

Addtech acquires ImpulseRadar

Winn & Coales acquires coating technology

Based in San Antonia, US, Amcorr are the formulators and manufacturers of the Viscotaq viscoelastic protective coating technology, used for corrosion prevention and sealing applications on vital infrastructure.  

Amcorr President and Co-Inventor of Viscotaq Edwin Welles said the brand was honoured to be a part of the Winn & Coales family. 

“A similar business culture, with a privately-owned structure and a technology driven mentality was a natural fit for us,” he said.  

“The acquisition will give Amcorr the opportunity to grow rapidly, both nationally and internationally and above all, guarantee dedicated service and supply to existing and future clients across the globe.” 

Winn & Coales Chairman Chris Winn said the acquisition was exciting for the company. 

“The Viscotaq product line enhances and complements our existing range of coatings, which are already well established in the market,” he said. 

“We are now able to offer all corrosion prevention technologies to our customers, and we look forward to building on our leading brands further with our new colleagues at Amcorr.” 

Denso Australia has offices and warehouses throughout Australia and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Winn & Coales International. 

For more information visit the Denso website.  

Interflow introduces new water main renewal system

By integrating these products into one synergistic process, Interflow said it is providing its customers and the community with an ‘all-in-one’ package for renewing ageing water main pipeline infrastructure. 


Traditional shutdowns using network valves are disruptive, impacting hundreds of customers at any one time.  

The Infrastop component within the RediFlow system can greatly reduce the number of impacted homes by isolating only those pipeline sections specific to the works being carried out.  

Interflow’s Titeflow process then installs a new tight fit HDPE pipe into the host pipe, restoring its structural integrity. 

Interflow Manager – Emerging Markets Will Zillmann helped develop the RediFlow system and explained how it can be leveraged to streamline processes in the field. 

Interflow Manager – Emerging Markets Will Zillmann.

“The RediFlow system is specifically designed for optimum construction efficiency,” he said. 

“It provides asset owners with a robust solution to suit the conditions of the host pipe and provides a range of environmental and social benefits for our customers and their communities. 

“The solution goes beyond the performance boundaries.  

It improves installation speed, reduces community impacts, and enhances the environmental sustainability of the works being conducted.” 

The implementation of Interflow’s RediFlow system onsite has already begun, with several successful installs to date.  

For more information visit the Interflow website. 

WSAA gives kwik-ZIP tick of approval

The spacers are used to maintain the position of a carrier pipe in a water or sewer main within an encasing pipe for pipe-in-pipe applications like sliplining and cased crossings.  

The system can be used for medium to heavy weight pipe materials including steel, ductile iron, GRP, FRP, concrete, PVC and PE and is suitable for both pressure and non-pressure pipelines in grouted and un-grouted installations. 

The HDX casing spacers use a segmented design that allows the system to be used on a range of carrier pipes from 100 to 1,668 mm OD.  

The components of the spacer are manufactured from injection moulded inert engineering thermoplastics that incorporate low friction high abrasion resistant wear pads, attached to load sharing runners. 

The WSAA provides member organisation and the general urban water industry with best practice codes and standards to help promote the use of fit-for-purpose productions and solutions.  

The WSAA appraisal processes require products to be re-certified every five years. 

For more information visit the kwik-ZIP website.  


funding for water business cases

Melbourne Water targets century-old sewer

The Hawthorn Main Sewer transfers sewage from the city’s east to the Western Treatment Plant in Werribee and has been in service for more than a century.  

Now reaching the end of its service life, the brick sewer will be replaced with two glass reinforced plastic pipes, with the project team to construct a shaft on each side of the Yarra and tunnel underneath the river.  

Stage one of the upgrade was the now-completed relining of a 1.7 km stretch from Power Street in Hawthorn to Burnley Street in Richmond.  

Melbourne Water General Manager of Program Delivery Eamonn Kelly said it was crucial the asset continued to function properly.  

“It will provide the community with a world class, secure and reliable sewerage service for the next 100 years,” he said. 

“The Hawthorn Main Sewer has always been an integral part of Melbourne’s critical infrastructure and to this day is one of the principal sewers in Melbourne Water’s 400 km network.” 

The project is targeted for completion in early 2023.  

For more information visit the Melbourne Water website.  

Old drains, new solutions

New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) is a provider of plumbing maintenance and civil works for water and sewerage assets.  

Committed to investigating and investing in new, innovative technologies to solve old problems, NPS turned to Smart Lock Group for a solution when an asset was excessively impaired.  

Simple method, complex problem  

NPS Delivery Manager Damian Bradley said its client had a severely damaged drain next to a café in parkland gardens with significant trees and hard landscaping surrounding it, resulting in any rain event compromising the café and leaving the community unable to use the gardens.  

Upon NPS’ inspection, while large sections of the drains were in good condition, there were a number of damaged sections identified which were causing the flooding.  

To avoid the costly and disruptive “dig-and-repair” method of corrective works, NPS was able to propose a blended relining and Smart Lock solution.”  

Smart Lock is a simple method of repair, where drains undergo CCTV inspections to pinpoint the most damage impacted sections of a drain and pipe.  

The ‘no-dig’ patching solution allows for drains that are cracked, or those that allow root infiltration, to be repaired in a trenchless, non-disruptive manner.  

“The simple installation and efficient cure time of using Smart Lock means the job can be completed with minimum disruption,” said Mr Bradley.  

Project-specific solutions Smart Lock understands that one size does not fit all, which is why its team endeavour to always find a practical and suitable solution for varying project needs.  

“For NPS’ drain repair, our solution recommended for more than 20 Smart Locks to be installed and one section of pipe to be relined,” said Mr Bradley.  

“Given the issues were rectified only where there was specific damage, the solution provided a cost-effective outcome, and the trenchless technology solution utilised ensured there was no business interruption.”  

Mr Bradley said there are many measurable benefits of using Smart Lock systems compared to traditional repair methods, including that it is 35 per cent cheaper, it allows for 100 per cent of business continuity during works and the time onsite is reduced by 40 per cent.  

For more information visit the Smart Lock website. 

This article was featured in the March 2021 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here. 

View the latest trenchless technology tenders

View the latest trenchless technology tenders

Pipe rehabilitation at 25 Green Square Close, Fortitude Valley
Issued by: Brisbane City Council
Closing Date: 05 May 2021
Location: Queensland
Description: Council is seeking quotations for stormwater pipe relining at 25 Green Square Close, Fortitude Valley

Sewer main replacement in Young – A Line
Issued by: Hilltops Shire Council
Closing Date: 13 May 2021
Location: New South Wales
Description: Hilltops Council is seeking tenders from suitability qualified and experienced parties to undertake all works required to upgrade the A Line Sewer Main in Young. This includes, but is not limited to, the design, supply, installation, and construction. All works are to be undertaken in accordance with the specification and contract requirements.

Sewer rising main replacement for Pumping Stations G8 and G9
Issued by: Central Coast Council
Closing Date: 04 May 2021
Location:  New South Wales
Description: Project: SPS G8 currently pumps via a DN300 AC rising main to the DN300 GT1 variable grade sewer (VGS), ultimately discharging into the Wyoming Major (WYMJ) catchment. SPS G9 also pumps into the G8 rising main. To accommodate increased flows from the G8 pump station resulting from development in the catchment, Council plans to replace the existing DN300 VGS with a rising main along a new alignment, using the existing rail crossing and discharging in to the gravity system to WYMJ.

W0947 Romsey High Level Tank
Issued by: Western Water
Closing Date: 05 May 2021
Location: Victoria
Description: Western Water is intending to release a request for tender for the replacement of Romsey High Level Tank located in Romsey, Victoria. The Romsey High Level Tank is supplying potable water to the high-pressure zone in Romsey.  The project scope includes mechanical, civil, structural and electrical works, including:

  • Detailed design and Construction of a new 400 kL potable water tank, comprised of two compartments for redundancy
  • DN150 PVC inlet main to tank, approximately 1.0 km, installed along the existing water main
  • DN225 PVC outlet main from tank, approximately 0.5 km and tie-in into existing water main
  • DN150 (provisional scope) outlet water main, approximately 1.3 km, from the potable water borehole at the tank site running in parallel to the water mains.
  • Automated chlorination system, including pump skid, chemical storage tank and associated civil, mechanical and electrical works 
  • Access road improvements, passing bay and concrete hardstand for chemical supply
  • Horizontal directional drilling under Ochiltrees Road and connection to the existing rising main at the southern side of the road.
  • Electrical works, including new el. cabinet and wiring 
  • Civil and mechanical works, tank pipework, access and instrumentation
  • Ancillary works necessary to complete and operate the Works.
  • Testing, commissioning and process-proving of the new infrastructure
  • Decommissioning, demolition and removal of all redundant infrastructure (old tank, pipework, electrical and instrumentation)
  • Full project documentation and safety-in-design review 

San Remo Basin Renewal Project design and construct
Issued by: Westernport Water
Closing Date: 07 May 2021
Location: Victoria
Description: Westernport Region Water Corporation (Principal) provides water, wastewater and other service to some 20,000 properties on Phillip Island and an area of the mainland from The Gurdies through to Archies Creek.

Barina Park Detention Basin remediation works
Issued by: Wollongong City Council
Closing Date: 04 May 2021
Location: New South Wales
Description: Wollongong City Council wishes to engage a contractor for the remediation of the Barina Park detention basin earth embankment and stormwater infrastructure located at Barina Avenue, Lake Heights. The contractor will be required to undertake the necessary excavation, filling and compaction works on the embankment, as well as the replacement of existing stormwater pipe infrastructure and associated modifications to existing concrete pits, pipes and risers. Turf reinforcement matting will also be required to be installed on the downstream side of the dam embankment.

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Addtech acquires ImpulseRadar

TDG acquires Bartlett’s

Bartlett’s will reportedly still be run by company Founder Darren Bartlett and CEO Hayden Bateman who will also take stakes in TDG. 

In a post on social media, TDG said it was looking forward to joining forces with the Bartlett’s team. 

“Over the past three decades Bartlett’s Environmental has grown into one of the leading service providers across Victoria with a strong reputation for customer service, operational excellence, and innovative solutions,” said TDG. 

“Our combined experience and capabilities will provide one of the most comprehensive environmental and recycling services along the east coast of Australia, with an increased capacity to add value and further growth.” 

TDG provides sewer and stormwater solutions including drain cleaning, water blasting, CCTV and pipe rehabilitation.  

For more information visit the TDG website.  

Renewals program underway in Melbourne

Since beginning in mid-January, the company’s Southern Operations Water team has now mobilised seven water main renewal crews in both Melbourne’s western suburbs and Central Business District.  

Interflow said the new services would provide great benefit to locals. 

We are thrilled to help CWW achieve their ambition of delivering exceptional water services that are affordable, safe and reliable for the community,” the company said in a social media post. 

A major name in the water industry, Interflow is one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading providers of trenchless pipeline solutions, specialising in the water mains, wastewater, stormwater and culvert sectors. 

CWW is one of three metropolitan Melbourne’s water businesses owned by the Victorian Government, providing drinking water, sewerage, trade waste and recycled water services to customers in Melbourne’s CBD, inner and western suburbs. 

For more information visit the Interflow website.