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Locate 2021

30 March - 1 April 2021
Brisbane, Queensland
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The Locate 2021 Conference will take place in Brisbane, Queensland between 30 March – 1 April.

Focusing on the themes ‘Convergence, collaboration and community – towards a stronger economy’, Locate21 will share information on how geospatial and location technologies and practices are being used across the industry, highlighting the fundamental role they play in the building of the digital economy.

It will explore and facilitate the convergence of the spatial industry and the influence and importance of our industry to broader, non-traditional, industries and the Australian economy.

Locate21 will also look at how new technology and practices are equipping people to meet the challenges the planet faces, how to learn from collective experiences and share in new collaborative partnerships to enhance the ecosystem of the geospatial community and ensure the value of location data to inform and enable good decision making is recognised by the broader community.

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