December 2016

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Website Skins – Nov – Mar ’18

Trenchless Australasia

December 2016


From the President’s desk

Steven Apeldoorn, ASTT President.

In many places across Australasia, Trenchless Technology is now a mainstream method for the construction and renewal of underground infrastructure. But for some utilities and their consultants there is still a ‘gap’ in their understanding of what can be achieved, and some questions about the integrity of some of the materials that are used in the industry.

I had encountered this issue recently with a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) project. A council was specifying that all HDD installations, including pressure mains, required a guarantee of achieving a grade of
5 per cent or less. This specification underlines that, although we have made a great deal of progress, as an industry organisation we must continue to strive to provide quality outcomes, education and training to the industry about our technology and materials.

One successful way of providing this information for us is through our industry forums. This year has been important because of the success that we have had in growing these forums across Australasia as a platform to showcase technology and information to the wider utility industry. Each forum has seen an increase in attendance, which has to be a great thing for our society and the industry as a whole.

On 19-21 October, the WaterNZ annual conference was held at the Rotorua Energy Events Centre. This year we were fortunate to once again have the ASTT technical paper stream as part of this conference program.

I want to say a big thanks to the Water New Zealand executive for supporting our ongoing involvement in this conference every two years. Thank you also to everyone that submitted an abstract for the stream and well done to all of you who presented. I believe it was another successful event.

Having involvement in ‘non-trenchless’ conferences, such as this one, is a great way to raise the trenchless profile among those who may otherwise not get the opportunity to hear about Trenchless Technology.

Of course our own conferences and training courses also play a strong role in educating the industry, but we are always looking for new ideas on how we can get the message out there. We can’t overlook the value of our own brilliant magazine. I hope you enjoy this edition. Don’t forget to pass it around!

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