June 2016

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Website Skins – Nov – Mar ’18

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June 2016


From the President’s desk

Steven Apeldoorn, ASTT President.

The ASTT AGM was held in Melbourne on 5 May. I would like to acknowledge, with thanks, the elected councillors and executive for their ongoing generous commitment of their time for the year ahead. The council has remained unchanged from last year, and I believe that we have a good team to continue the work that has been already been done.

Microtunnelling Special Interest Group (SIG) Jim Shooter attended the AGM and presented to the meeting an update on the activities that the, at this stage, small group of SIG members have been doing. I was encouraged to hear what this group of volunteers have achieved since their establishment late last year.

Many of you will have read, in the last edition of the magazine, the SIG is currently working on establishing Microtunnelling design guidelines. This is progressing well through the draft stage, and shows us that when we work together as an industry we can achieve a lot. The ASTT will be supporting Jim and the SIG to complete this very worthwhile project. As I have previously written, I would like to encourage our members to get involved in establishing or working with a SIG.

In the last few months the ASTT has expanded the coverage of the trenchless forums to include to New South Wales and Victoria, which both held forums in April. These have had a promising start and were well attended. These events provide a fantastic regular, and local, opportunity to network and learn about Trenchless Technology. There are several additional forums planed for these states over the next 12 months.

A big thanks to Councillors Chris Frangos and Nabil Issa as well as our partners Great Southern Press for coordinating these events. A grateful thankyou to all of the sponsors in Australia and New Zealand, for their generous contributions to making these happen. Further expansion of these successful programs to the remaining states would be suitable objective for the society.

For the coming year, the ASTT will continue with the hard work we have been doing in supporting our industry. We appreciate that we live in difficult economic times, and we aim to provide value for our members.

I would like to thank all of you who have joined or maintained your membership of the ASTT. We have a number of initiatives planned and I encourage people to make the most of these as well as becoming engaged and involved in helping in the development of this industry.

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