September 2016

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Website Skins – Nov – Mar ’18

Trenchless Australasia

September 2016


From the President’s desk

Steven Apeldoorn, ASTT President.

As this issue goes to press, I am sure that we are all hoping that the colder, wetter weather is behind us. Certainly as I write this, the rain is steadily falling here in Auckland. Despite the winter gloominess there is a lot of good things going on.

Here in New Zealand we have been preparing for the ASTT technical stream that will once again be part of the WaterNZ annual conference to be held at the Rotorua Energy Events Centre in October. We have also just held our 33rd Trenchless Technology Forum in Auckland. That’s a lot of forums that have been delivered here over the last 9 years.

The forums in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, which although have not been around quite as long, yet, have none the less become a feature on the annual calendar with some recent events also having just been held and with more planned in November.

I recommend everyone to take the opportunity to take part in these local events if they can, either by attending or, even better, offering to present or sponsor.

Preparation for our own No-Dig Down Under conference in September 2017 is also underway with Great Southern Press, our conference coordinators, already in the planning stages. The ASTT is in the process of forming our Conference Committee whose job it will be to ensure that we have a great technical and social program.

I am pleased to announce that the Conference Committee Chair is Ben Crosby, the Queensland Councillor, who will do a fantastic job. Ben has lots of great ideas and is passionate about the society. Thanks for agreeing to take on the additional role, Ben – you are a legend.

For such an important ASTT event, we want to make sure that we have a good diversity of representation on the committee to ensure that we have the best conference yet. As a result, we will be looking to appoint other committee members to be made up from our Conference Sponsors, representatives from our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and a selection of other member representatives, including some Queensland locals.

As voluntary society, we rely a lot on our members to take an active role, and I would like to thank our new 2016 Editorial Board for stepping up and helping with the publication of our magazine. A big thank you to Annie Louey, Catherine Waterhouse, Maurice Lubbock for joining this year, and of course, Sudipta Basu, for continuing on in the role.

A big thank you once again to Great Southern Press for another fantastic magazine addition, as well to all of our fantastic member advertisers and contributors that make it possible!

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